Going Green on your Wedding Day!

So last weekend we launched the website and since then things have become a little bit crazy!!  I cannot believe we have had over 500 unique visitors to our website in the past 7 days.  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped spread the word.

We were honoured to be featured in Claire Ogden Designs blog on Friday and we were also really happy to find out that one of our suppliers Lovely Little Cakes Ltd had been featured in the Good Food Channel’s Blog – congratulations!

This week we have been focusing on ‘Greener Weddings’ and how you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst still having an amazing day.  Vintage Weddings are bang on trend and recycling has never been easier, however there are other ways to help the environment too.  We caught up with Victoria  Gordon from Without a Hitch, a recently established Wedding Planning company based in Surrey. We wanted to find out about their ideas for ‘Going Green on your Wedding Day’.
Fruit Inspiration
What inspired you to become a Wedding Planner?
I think the same way most people get into wedding planning really, I enjoyed planning my own wedding back in 2007 and uncovered so much information that I thought other people might benefit from my knowledge. I also really wanted to find something that I could run and own myself, wedding planning has that perfect balance of organisation and creativity, both of which I enjoy. It’s a great industry to be in, who wouldn’t want to spend time with people who are planning the happiest day of their lives, I love it. 
What makes ‘Without a Hitch’ different from other Wedding Planners?
We have all the same services as other planners, but we are an eco company, so we try and be as environmentally aware as we can, so eco web hosting (which doesn’t cost any extra than normal web hosting by the way), making sure we recycle, I have started a veggie patch in the backgarden so we can grow some of our own vegetables and we also give advice on how to have a greener wedding. It can be as simple as having seasonal food and flowers on the day, but can also include eco wedding stationary, venue and even the wedding dress if you would like. 
We aren’t suggesting that everyone should have a 100% environmentally friendly wedding but there are normally one or two elements that with a little thought can be greener and can also sometimes save you money. 

Wedding Paper Ideas

What would be your top tip for ‘Going Green’ on your Wedding Day?
Top tip would be that if you only had one element of your day that was that bit greener to go for the venue. The venue can affect the whole tone and feel of the day and is the most costly element. Some people forget that a green venue can also mean an old venue, for example The National Trust hire out some of their buildings for wedding receptions and if it wasn’t for people using them these great old building would go to rack and ruin, so eco doesn’t have to be brand new with lots of water saving devices. If you are using an old building that has lots of character, you can save money and resources on decorations as the grand old building is the backdrop for the day.

Where does your inspiration come from?
From magazines, other people’s blogs, I see something and think ‘oh I wonder how that would look as part of a wedding theme’, and then go and search for pictures on google and see what I can find. Sometimes I can get lost for hours, I start off searching for one theme and then find three other ideas on route.

What does the rest of 2011 hold for you?
Lots of weddings hopefully! The company is still new so I am writing my blog, getting my ideas out there, talking to people like yourself going to networking events and hopefully over time I will build a good solid business on the foundation work that I am doing now. I have a few booking for later on this year so fingers crossed for a few more.
Thank you to Victoria for your inspiration and amazing moodboards.  For more information on Without a Hitch please see their listing on our Website.
Wishing you all lots of love and sunshine for the coming week.

Sue xx

Photo Source: 
Fruit Inspiration from Without a Hitch Blog – Direct Link
Paper Ideas from Without a Hitch Blog – Direct Link

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