Fabulous Special Offer!

I was fortunate enough last week to go on a little roadtrip with Mr Ice the Cake and our two children to meet some wonderful Wedding Suppliers.  The first I would like to introduce to you is Fiona from Beauty Weddings.  
Beauty Weddings are Wedding Planners based in Glasgow and I would highly recommend any bride who is getting married in Scotland to give Fiona a call. 
Tell us a bit about Beauty Weddings; when and why you started up?
I started Beauty Weddings in 2010, though I had been doing wedding planning on a casual basis for friends and family for a few years previously, and due to the success of that I decided to set up in business.  I also noticed that many other wedding planning services charge a percentage of the budget and I wanted to be a bit different so all our prices are fixed, we don’t charge a commission and there are no hidden charges. We like to be transparent in our services and pricing and feel that this the fairest way to do it.  We have had many clients say that they prefer it this way and won’t be hit by a horrible surprise at the end.
What inspires you most?
Every single wedding is different and unique, although the formats are pretty much the same the content, design are never the same.    My inspiration comes from talking to brides about their weddings, hearing their ideas and the excitement they show on their forthcoming weddings, I feed off that and combine that with the passion that I have for my job its a dynamic combination. 

What does an average day consist of? 
I don’t think I have a typical day and that’s what I love the most about my job, there is always something new to learn, everyone has different ideas of what weddings should be like.  I never lose sight of the originality of each wedding, it about the couple and their personalities and putting that stamp on their day.

I spend quite a bit of time marketing and networking as well as continuously improving the way I do things.
What areas do you cover?
I specialise in all aspects of wedding planning, from full planning, partial planning and On the Day Management and have a range of packages to suit every budget.  I also provide a venue and supplier searching service. There are various packages to choose, the platinum package which is a very bespoke service, usually for very large weddings that need alot of organising and coordination, to just helping tidy up loose ends.  It’s whatever is needed to make that day extra special. 
We heard you had an extra special offer on at the moment what is it? 
Yes we do, its a one time only offer that we are offering 50% off all our packages, but bookings MUST be made between 1st and 30th September 2011
Is there any particular reason why you have chosen this month to promote it?
It’s to celebrate my 5th Wedding Anniversary with my wonderful husband Kieran on 30th September 2011, we had such a fabulous time at our wedding and I felt it fitting to do something special with Beauty Weddings to mark the occasion. – Congratulations ITC Team xx

Where can engaged couples find you?

There are a number of ways they can get in touch.   Visit my website: www.beautyweddings.co.uk  email me: info@beautyweddings.co.uk  Find us on Facebook on Twitter or just give me a call on 07763 642317

I also do a weekly blog with news and ideas from Beauty Weddings and our amazing suppliers : http://beautyweddingsscotland.blogspot.com/

Fiona will be exhibiting at Scotland’s Exclusive Wedding Event this weekend (27th & 28th August 2011) Stand 98 in the Foyer pop in and say hello!

Photographs courtesy of Beauty Weddings.


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