‘Credible & Incredible’ Supplier of the Week – You & Your Style

This weeks wedding supplier is a little gem in the industry.  Helping with colours, style and inspiration for the overall look of your day.  It is my pleasure to introduce Lorna Wiltshire, Personal Stylist & Owner of You and Your Style.
Please tell our readers a bit about You & You & Your Style
As a child I was obsessed with dressing up, face painting and as you can imagine, being a bridesmaid was complete heaven for me. I took a big interest in Colour Analysis from as young as aged 9! I trained in Colour & Style Analysis in the year 2000. Over the years I worked in several retail positions including Styling for Topshop at Oxford Circus where I learnt about fast changing trends. I also worked for in Marylebone for Brora; they design fantastic cashmere in a range of beautiful colours, which helped me to realise how much I loved helping people make important decisions about colour and style one on one.

Therefore in 2008 I decided to start You & Your Style so that I could focus totally on what I love to do. Starting a business was a stiff learning curve for me (especially not helped by the credit crunch).  I am happy to say the persistence allowed me to find my way of working successfully as an independent Personal Stylist.

I enjoy the fact I have such a unique business through which I can help anyone with his or her Styling requirements, on any budget. One of the most rewarding things for me is the fact that what I do boosts confidence.

What services do you offer?
  • Colour Consultations – Discover the best colours to compliment your skin tone and personality.
  • Body Shape – Identify the right cuts and style to flatter your body shape.
  • Personality Style – Understand what looks and design types are most effective to reflect your personality through your wardrobe.
  • Wardrobe Pruning – Sorting the items that work from those that don’t and creating a list of what you need.
  • Electronic Personal Shopping – My advice on the right items for you to be found online, ideal for the client in a hurry.
  • Personal Shopping – A great day out with one to one advice and guidance to ensure you come away with the best buys out there for you on the high street.
  • Events Styling – If you have a special event to plan, such as a wedding, anniversary or big birthday I can help you to look your best and develop a theme to reflect your style too.
  • Photographic Styling – I really enjoy putting every element of photo shoots together, from sourcing the models to designing the sets. You can be very creative on set and a little more daring with the styling choices! 

    Who is a typical You & Your Style client?
    I would say there is no typical YYS client. I am very lucky to enjoy working with lots of different people; women and men from many different backgrounds, needing all sorts of Personal Styling advice. I also work for retailers offering Styling events in shops or assisting businesses with company branding.

    What does a day in the life of a Personal Stylist consist of?
    My work is very varied but as a good example I can be off to a new client’s house for a Colour & Style package which can last anywhere between 3-6 hours! We normally have a quick chat about the kind of things the client would like to take from the day.

    We would then get started with a Colour Consultation to define the most flattering colours for the client’s skin tone. These colours form the base of the most flattering wardrobe. Next is a look at the Body Shape to see what styles and cuts are most suitable. It is also crucial to pin point what the Personality Style of the client is – in the wrong style we can feel over or underdressed and often uncomfortable. Finally we’ll go through the wardrobe with a Wardrobe Pruning, which will highlight everything that works well for that client in the wardrobe, what needs to go and what is missing. I always form a Shopping List at this point so the client knows what they need and I will use it for a Personal Shop too if the client needs my help with that.

    Once back at home I can then email the client to recap on the discoveries of the day including a Colour Swatch, Style Profile and the Shopping List. Finally, I need then to catch up on admin and browse the internet for interesting fashion, colour and style features.

    How do you decide which colours & styles to work with?
    What I decide to work with depends on the client’s skin tone for the colours, body shape for the cuts and personality style for the feel of the outfit. I love helping people to realise the benefit of creating a wardrobe that truly flatters their skin tone. The right colours make you look refreshed emulating the same glow that a good night’s sleep or a facial can.

    I am aware of trend colours of course but the priority is getting the right tone for each client. I do enjoy watching style trends too but I am not governed by high fashion. I really enjoy hunting around for the style that will best suit my client. After all most of us want to invest in something that will make us look and feel our best and last a lot longer than 1 season!

    What is your favourite wedding style?

    Personally for me, my favourite wedding style would be something a bit artistic as that’s my style. There would be a theatrical element somewhere! Stella del Libero has an amazing talent and shows a fairytale imagination. I’d love to see dramatic romance with big blooms and a lot of atmosphere created with colour! I love all styles as long as they really suit the couple – I think this is key to feeling relaxed and comfortable on the day as well as having photographs that barely date!

    What do you think will be a big trend in 2012?
    It would be true to say that if you follow the trends too much you will get distracted from your own style. Having said that we will always be affected slightly but what is going on around us – it’s only natural. The Royal Wedding last year I am sure will still have people loving lace in 2012 but I also think people are getting more daring in general. Colour will be playing a more exciting role. Some are going for colour in the gown, others for printed silk shoes such as those by Hetty Rose. I hope the look of neutral bridesmaids in white will become a trend. It looks fantastic with many tones and shades of colour in the bouquets and favours.

    Who inspires you?
    So many people inspire me in many different ways.

    People I have known personally who have inspired me are: my Granddad Ronald, my Boyfriend Pierre, my Auntie Christine and my childhood friend Naomi. They are all very comfortable in their own skin, unafraid to speak their mind and to push themselves.

    Famous people who inspire me are: Roald Dahl as his ability to capture the imaginations of adults and children alike is incredible, David Attenborough who’s voice and attitude towards nature can calm me down even on the most stressful days and Mary Portas; I find her extremely refreshing and enterprising in her attitude to retail.

    If you could style anyone in the world who would it be and what would they wear? 
    Jessica Rabbit – I feel she deserves a dress down day – she’s only ever had the one outfit. I’d put her in quality skinny jeans, a sumptuous trapeze knitted cashmere cable jumper and the latest Christian Louboutin fringed suede ankle boots – she’d suit the trademark red soul after all…

    What is your greatest achievement?
    Without a doubt it would be starting You & Your Style and seeing it continue it grow over the last 4 years. I enjoy my job more and more every day. 

    If you weren’t doing this job what do you think you would be doing?
    I would work for Barbie as a Barbie designer! There is still something very magical to me about Barbies.

    How do you spend your time when you are not working?
    I love food increasingly I have to say I really enjoy watching cooking programmes, baking, going for afternoon tea and occasionally out for dinner somewhere where food is their passion not just an option.

    I enjoy films (particularly the costume side), interior design, art and David Attenborough programmes so no surprise that animals and the countryside are other big loves of mine.

    Do you have a current special offer for Ice the Cake readers?
    I will gladly offer Ice the Cake readers 15% off my consultation fees for all my Private Styling Services on any appointments booked to take place in the month of January 2012 by quoting “Ice the Cake”.

    A Message from Lorna…

    I’m on Twitter @youandyourstyle it would be lovely if you came to say “hi” and feel free to ask me any of your Colour & Style questions.

    On another note Happy Festive Season! Enjoy adding the sparkle to your outfits!


    Thank you Lorna for sharing such an informative piece with us. xx


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