Christmas Treats for 1st December – Let it be Cake

Who is Let It Be Cake?
Let it be Cake was founded back in August 2011, I love baking always have, even when I was young and more now since having our children. My cakes are fresh and baked as needed and only contain the necessary ingredients, so no naughtiness like preservatives or enhanced flavourings to improve the cake taste, texture and longevity. I believe that cakes should be made only of essential products like butter, eggs and flour. I do of course cater for food alergies like, diary, wheat, gluten and nuts and the customer just needs to let me know at the time of ordering, so that I can use one of my special recipes that have derived from my original recipes but have been slightly changed by using alternative products to be able to cater for such allergies.

Where are you based? 
What types of cakes do you make?
All my cakes use homemade recipes, each cake is freshly baked as per order. I cater for any occasion so anything from Birthdays, anniversaries to big events and weddings and of course Christmas.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
Having a mention in a national newspaper and ITN News website. Let it be Cake is only 3 months old so, to be mentioned nationally was a big achievement for me. Some of my beautiful wedding cakes have been choosen to be featured in a couple of wedding magazines in upcoming issues as well. So you will be hearing alot more about Let it Be Cake in coming months.  Also being given the seal of approval (Incredible & credible) by Ice the Cake of being one of the South east england cake makers.

What do you have available for Christmas?
This christmas I made the very cute gingerbread house, I have cute seasonal cake pops, christmas cakes, homemade mince pies.
How can people get in touch with you?
By telephone on 07932 564 033 or email me on


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