Christmas Treats for 2nd December – Charms by Joanna

Who is Charms by Joanna?
This is my hobby, I find it very difficult to stop making things because I enjoy it so much, so I started attending craft shows and started my website so I could sell what I have made, I get very excited when I sell lots of items because it means I can go home and make more! I can make to order for most of the products. I have even decorated boxes for people who wanted to keep a beloved pet’s ashes safe so wierd and wacky does not surprise me!

Where are you based? 
Near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire

What do you create?

I make bag, phone and wine glass charms, greetings cards and decorate a variety of boxes, ranging from small ones suitable for the charms up to medium ones about 30cm across, occasionally I have larger ones but not often.

What is your greatest achievement so far? 
Helping my mum raise money for Cancer Research UK by helping her sell Happy Bags

What do you have available for Christmas? 
Individual Christmas cards, sets of cards, wine glass charms, small boxes – all with a Christmas themed but also many other kinds including bag/phone charms

What do you love about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas is seeing people’s faces as they open their gifts.

How can people get in touch with you? 

Via Facebook website Folksy shop and eBid shop I attend quite a few craft fairs throughout the year so people can come and see me in person, details of where and when are on my Events page on both Facebook and my website


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