Christmas Treats for 10th December – Putnoe Cakes

Who is Putnoe Cakes?
Putnoe Cakes was formed in March 2011 by myself.  I have always enjoyed making and decorating cakes and started out standing on a stool at the worktop helping my Mum!  I’ve been making and decorating celebration cakes since I was a teenager.  I trained and qualified as a chef on leaving school and worked in some of the London hotels.  I then married and had two sons.  While my sons were small I made many birthday cakes for friends and family I then went into office work and ended up as an accountant.  In January this year I decided that ‘enough was enough’ with the boys through University and doing their own thing it was time for me to do what I really enjoy and Putnoe Cakes was born! 

Where did the company name come from?

The name Putnoe Cakes came from my eldest son.  We live in an area of Bedford called Putnoe, and Putnoe Cakes just sounded right.  It’s easy to remember for local people and says where I’m based and what I do. 

What kinds of cakes do you make? 

I make cakes of all descriptions.  I particularly enjoy making and decorating the larger cakes.

What is your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement was making my eldest son’s wedding cake in July this year and setting up my business. 

What items do you have available for Christmas?

I have Christmas cakes from 4″ square upwards available for Christmas.  I am offering not just the traditional fruit cake but chocolate fudge and madeira as well.  I am also offering a baking service for family favourites! 

How can people contact you?

People can get in touch via email: or by phone:  07885 386879 or via my website or indeed via Facebook and Twitter.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
On Christmas Eve afternoon my best friend and I usually go for a long walk finishing up at one of our houses to share a glass or three of wine, it’s always lovely to have this time together as the ‘calm before the storm’.  I love having the whole family together round the table enjoying a lovely meal, and I always have a real Christmas Tree, I love the smell as you walk into the room. 

Special Offer

I will be offering 10% discount on all wedding cakes booked during January and February. 

A Message from Alison…

I like to think I’m friendly and approachable and am always willing to discuss a cake that”s a bit out of the ordinary, in short I like a challenge something that pushes my out of my comfort zone


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