Christmas Treats for 12th December – Amber Bagpipes

Who is Amber Bagpipes?
Amber Bagpipes is Amber Ives; a Professional Bagpiper who is available to play for all occasions, tuition and tune commissioning. With over a decade of experience, Amber Bagpipes guarantees to deliver a touch of Scottish Flair to any event. Based in Glasgow although can travel. 

I have an extensive repertoire which includes all the Scottish classics as well as some well known ‘pop’ songs. This allows me to select appropriate material for any occasion.

What inspired you to learn the bagpipes? 
My dad is a piper and I was born into the local pipe band (he almost missed my birth for a band comp!!) I always wanted to play from a very young age but for a few good reasons I was made to wait until I was 10. Mostly to see if this was a passing fad and also because my hands weren’t big enough to cover the chanter. Once I started there was no stopping me and within 2 months I was on the bagpipes and playing with the band (quite a mean feat as this can take a learner anywhere up to 3 years!!) 

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement so far has been obtaining my degree – a BA in Scottish Music – Piping at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. On top of this I have experienced high successes as both a soloist and as part of various pipe bands, both within the UK and further abroad.

Christmas specials I have available are;
Give the gift of music in more ways then one; buy a loved one bagpipe lessons, or commission Amber Bagpipes to write a tune for them! 

Ever fancied learning the bagpipes but never had the opportunity or know someone else who might? Look no further! 
Amber is a highly accomplished teacher with over 7 years teaching experience both privately and within institutions. She is currently employed by the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dramas junior academy Musicworks, where she teaches children under the age of 16 how to play the bagpipes, musicianship, groupwork and singing. She also has several private pupils and has been a guest tutor for The Argyll School of Bagpiping (2009), Frankfurt Academy of Bagpipes (2009), the Bagpipe Italian Group’s Spring school (2008), as well as undertaking several teaching placements whilst at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. 

There are no age or skill level restrictions- just a willingness to learn!  Lessons are on an hourly or half hourly basis. £20 per hour, £12 per half hour. 

Professional bagpiper Amber Ives available for all occassions - Weddings, Funeral, Burns suppers, Hogmanay

Why not get together with a friend or family member and split the hourly cost? Group lessons are a great way to learn, as friendly competition can not only be fun but can help excel the learning process! 

Need to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything? Or would like a unique way to remember a special occasion? Look no further than Amber Bagpipes Tune Commission service. 

Having studied composing techniques at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, as well as many years practical experience, Amber is a highly competent composer. Her compositions and arrangements have appeared in both pipe band performances and solo repertoires. 

How it works: Amber will work with you to compose a new tune. If you decide what kind of mood and tempo you desire for your tune, then Amber can write a tune around this, or may be able to use a tune from her collection of unnamed tunes. For this recordings or a meeting will of course be arranged so you can hear it. Once you are completely happy with your tune selection, you then pick your desired tune title. For the finished product you will receive the tune either hand written or typed- depending on your preference, beautifully finished and framed in your preference of frame and colour. To make it even more special you could also include an inscription as a footnote. 

Prices start from £200 which covers two-parted tunes that has been written specifically for your commission and also covers any tunes from my existing unnamed collection. Prices go up £100 for any additional parts, so a four parted tune specially commissioned would be £400. 

Make the occasion even more memorable and have Amber play the tune and present it! 

Commissioned Tune for Brenton Earls 21st Birthday
Amber is also available to perform at any function, or if you know of someone getting married in the new year rather than go through the hassle of trying to find them a present, give them the gift of a bagpiper! For more details on how bagpipes can add a touch of Scottish Flair to your event, visit my website. 

With the wedding party
What is your favourite Christmas Song
My favourite Christmas songs would have to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas and The Pogues’ Fairytale in New York! If only they let me rip out a bagpipe solo in the instrumental breaks!!!
How can people contact you?
People can get in touch with me either by visiting my website; , via email or via Facebook.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

What I love about Christmas; Rugging up and going for a wander in the snow, and of course any excuse to spend quality time with all my nearest and dearest!

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