‘Credible & Incredible’ Supplier of the Week – Claire Ogden Designs

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I have waited a long time to introduce you to this lady and her beautiful creations.  Her designs her stunning and finished items exquisite.  Her attention to detail is exceptional but team that with her lovely personality and supportive nature and you  have a Wedding Supplier that offers truly incredible service.  Recently crowned ‘Most Supportive Wedding Supplier of the Year 2011’.  Claire Ogden Designs – need I say more?…

Please tell our readers a bit about you & Claire Ogden Designs… 
I am Claire Ogden, a Jewellery Designer based in the quaint hills of Saddleworth, in the UK, I create exquisite pieces that are individual and unique in their own right! My work stands out from the rest. I founded Claire Ogden Designs in July 2009 and have been trading for two years. 
Wedding Jewellery and bespoke design are the aspects I really LOVE! I relish in the fact that my bridal jewellery is so very unique and the finishing touch to the very perfect day! I enjoy working together with my clients and giving them what they are expecting and much more. I am proud to say that my wedding designs I am producing are now leading above my jewellery designs and are being sought after within the industry.

Charleston Hair Comb
All of my products have been created to infuse each piece with a sense of individuality, boldness and an impression made to last. ‘Once seen never forgotten’ philosophy!
I love to make a difference and create jewellery that shines through and gets noticed but designing each piece to last the decades and be wearable for a lifetime. All of my jewellery, wedding jewellery and hair accessories are made using the highest quality materials, I carefully handpick very small quantities to ensure you an exclusive design with limited materials made individually just for you.
It all began simply because I am just too creative, I have too much creative energy and needed to find something to satisfy all my bubbling creativeness!
It began because I just couldn’t find the perfect accessories to make my look complete so I gave it a go and made them, from then it seems to have spiralled into Claire Ogden Designs!
How do you come up with your designs/ what influences you?
When I am resourcing new materials or pieces for a bespoke design I tend to pick pieces that I connect with from this the idea for the design develops simply from me choosing that particular piece, I often ‘see’ the finished product as a photograph in my mind and then produce a quick sketch, when I have finished the design and go back to my sketch it is quite scary how alike the two are!

I also adore the whimisical fairy tale theme, I love magic and enchantment and delicate florals, I have a couple of new ranges yet to lauch but until I find all the materials I want to use you will simply have to wait…..watch this space!
I wanted to create themes that would be classics and never date, I have recently launched LOVE Wonderland (which is Alice and her Wonderland inspired) and Charming Fairytales (which are all things fairytale charm bracelets) both these ranges are fast sellers and very sought after (I seriously need to create lots more for my store)
I find I create what I like rather than follow fashion and trends, I am not sure if this is the correct way to do things but it makes my jewellery a lot more unique and individual and I do get a lot of repeat business so I guess I must be doing something right.
What would you call your ‘style’?
Romantic, unique and fairytale
What is currently your favourite design?
Breathless Tiara, I adore this piece, it is so striking and simply breathtaking.
Who inspires you?
Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah, his belief in me is so strong and he is always on hand to help with everything. Yemi has given me the very best opportunities to date and working with him is a dream come true. 
Candice Thomas of Cerendipity, she is my ROCK, I love her thoughts and ideas, drive, passion and energy, we work so well together we could be one person, I think we were separated at birth! I have made an exceptional friend for life and you can see much more of Candice and I working together in 2012.
What is your greatest achievement?
Foremost working with Yemi Osunkoya, of Kosibah in London, I am touched at how well my pieces were received and am overwhelmed at the fact that they were modelled on the catwalk along side his fabulous wedding gowns! We have a wonderful business relationship together, he is the best.
Secondly, Winning my award!! Of course it is very exciting but it gives me the recognition I deserve and helps me drive my product forward. I was so shocked at winning, genuinely ‘gobsmacked’
Finally working with Lesa Simmons of I HEART Buttons, we work so well together and make an excellent team!
Vintage Buttons
If you weren’t doing this job what do you think you would be doing?
Something creative at least, I can’t sit still!! 
How do you spend your time when you are not working?
Reading, spending time with my family, my boys are our everything and I adore them, we are such a close family the four of us and together we have the best fun, movie nights and board games are a great way to spend time out and of course eating scrummy food with our friends! Christmas will be amazing in our house, it always is!
Do you have a current special offer for Ice the Cake readers?
Buy or pay your deposit on any bespoke order or wedding tiara now and receive them at 2011 prices, get them now before the increase in 2012.
A Message from Claire…
Try to maintain a positive outlook, believe you can do anything and try your best at everything you do but most importantly be yourself and be happy!

Important Note: Advertising in magazines is not really the way forward, it costs a lot of money with little return, I have tried more than once and wasted both time and money, use a PR company instead but do your research well, ensure you are happy with who you trust your marketing with.

Thank you Claire we love your designs and working with you and look forward to continuing to do so throughout 2012. xx
You can contact Claire via her website: www.claireogdendesigns.com on Twitter @cogdendesigns & on Facebook www.facebook.com/claireogdendesignsjewellery 

One thought on “‘Credible & Incredible’ Supplier of the Week – Claire Ogden Designs

  1. It was very sweet of Claire to mention myself as one of the people that inspire her. One of the wonderful things about Claire is that she probably doesn't realise how talented she is as a Designer/Maker of jewelley pieces. The creations she came up with for my Bienvenue 20 Colkection of couture bridal gowns were simply exquisite. A deceptively simple balance of vintage and contemporary that worked beautifully. She is certainly a name to watch out for in the bridal industry!

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