Happy 1st Anniversary Mr Ice the Cake

12 months ago today, you may remember there was a LOT of snow on the ground and we were wondering just how many of our guests were going to arrive, to a day that had been meticulously organised (of course).  We were staying at the Inn in Woburn, ready for the biggest day of our lives (apart from those giving birth to our children).  After a very sleepless night (do not share a room with 6 other people unless you do not want to wake feeling refreshed on your wedding day!) not to mention a hangover – I vowed I wouldn’t drink but people kept buying them!  I awoke feeling a little tender and when my future husband sent me a champagne breakfast I wasn’t sure whether to indulge or not (I decided on the latter as I had a delicate head and still had my hair and make-up to do!). 
The morning went by in a blur, one minute my Maid of Honour and I were laughing at how casual we were and the next we were rushing because the cars were outside.
At approx. 10.30am there was a knock at the door to the cottage and there was our Photographer Leigh Quinnell, shortly followed by our Florist Tracy from Creations Flowers.  There was a problem with the Pageboys trousers (our fault not the companies) and Malcolm from Fogarty Formal Hire graciously drove out in the snow in an attempt to get him an alternative pair from Leighton Buzzard but the snow around Milton Keynes was so bad and the roads were gridlocked, so he kindly allowed my mum to get out her sewing kit and re-hem the trousers.
Mr Ice the Cake had his own things to contend with and I must admit I was in quite a bubble, until I was told that the boys were leaving and I sneaked a peak out of the window of my room. There was my 11 month old son (who was apparently sitting on my husbands lap) looking out the window of the car all dressed up – it was at that point it hit me!  This was REALLY happening.
Our beautiful car courtesy of Regency Carriages took a total of 3 trips up and down the icy road to the Sculpture Gallery dropping off the Mr Ice the Cake and the Groomsmen, the Bridesmaids and my mum and eventually slowly but surely returning for me and my dad.  I cannot tell you how picturesque it was driving through the deer park in all the snow.  It was absolutely stunning.
My dad and I pulled up outside and there was Kate (now of Seber Weddings and Events) to greet me.  She had been my wedding co-ordinator throughout and me being me, had thrown some pretty wacky ideas in her direction, but she managed to ensure that all of them where co-ordinated with the utmost precision and the least amount of fuss.
The ceremony was amazing and the reception incredible and absolutely effortless.  The day flowed so well and when the evening guests began to arrive with some travelling from as far as Kent in the snow I felt completely humbled and so grateful that they had wanted to share our special day with us.
I cannot thank everyone who was involved enough but I hope that the fact we started Ice the Cake because of it shows just a little bit of the gratitude we felt.  
We made it to our Paper Anniversary and I very much hope we will make it to our Diamond.  Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and thank you so much for all your support this year.  We look forward to lots more fun in 2012.

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Mum & Dad
My Maid of Honours Daughter Charlotte & Mini Ice the Cake Sophie

One of my 3 Pageboys
My Maid of Honour and beautiful friend!

Mr Ice the Cake asking his Best Man to create a diversion so he could escape 🙂
My Dad & I nervously walking trying not to step on my dress – he didn’t!

So You Don’t Get Cold Feet!

Our fab confetti blast that surprised all our guests


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