No Monkeying Around at this Gorgeous Wedding

This week’s ‘A Week in the life of…’ we will be focusing on Pho2U!  Based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Lewis Duncan is a full time professional photographer capuring everything from Weddings to Family portraits.  Today we bring you an insight into his first ever wedding shoot back in 2009; a brave move for a now established photographer but I think you’ll agree it was definitely worth sharing. Anyone fancy a trip to the Zoo?…

“They knew I was new to the business but gave me the opportunity as they were on a very tight budget, which like most of my clients, I worked around their requirements.

So, it was a beautiful sunny day and I set off to the bride’s house where she was getting ready. The bride seemed nervous of what was ahead on her day, but I turned up with a big smile on my face ready to snap away! She was not forthcoming with having her photo taken so I put my camera down for 5 mins and made a cup of tea for everyone and just had a general chit chat with the bride and her guests around her, this was the ice breaker moment… she was at ease – which is what I need to capture those amazing moments throughout the day.

The bride had two gorgeous kids, who seemed shy but as always, I worked my charm and got them posing some great shots, which they enjoyed doing!
At the venue, Whipsnade Zoo, the groom was nervously waiting (well I think he was nervous about the day, but it may have just been the great elephants marching towards him!!), he had a shifty brandy with the boys to calm his nerves!
So, the Groom was ready, the Bride waiting anxiously to go in and meet her husband to be to finally get married… and who was there? The photographer of cause, capturing ALL moments throughout the day!”
Thank you Lewis for sharing… tomorrow it’s all about the Soldiers!

You can contact Pho2U! via their website:
Twitter:  @pho2u

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