‘A Week in the Life of…’ Sam Osborne Illustrations – Day Five

As the week draws to a close we sadly have to say goodbye to this weeks guest blogger.  However not before we receive another great post from the lovely Sam Osborne Illustrations.

“For the final day on the Ice The Cake blog I’d like to share a couple of my favourite bespoke wedding stationery designs with you. I love this part of my job, getting to know the bride and groom, hear about their story, their plans and ideas. Each couple is different so each wedding is different and I really enjoy being able to help all my clients create the unique and special day they are after.
Often the Save The Date or the Invitation is the first hint guests have of the kind of day being planned and they help set the tone for everything to follow. Clear, clever design can help the day run smoothly – by making sure everyone knows what’s happening and where they should be. It can help set a tone – by being fun or formal, and can communicate to guests how much you appreciate them being there.
I’ve chosen two of my favourites here which showcase the wide variety of styles and personality. As with all my bespoke wedding stationery work, I worked very closely with the bride and groom during each of these projects – from the first conversations about themes of the day, venues, colours etc where I form my brief, right through to the card and paper used, types of envelopes, bindings and arranging a delivery schedule that means no one is panicking the day before the wedding that the menus haven’t arrived!
Brightly-coloured wedding

When I first spoke to Jenny (the bride) about her vision for her wedding she told me that she was basing her colour scheme on the balloons from the film Up! Well I was over the moon – bright colours are right up my street and Jenny and Michael were up for having some fun with the design and the format. So I presented them with 3 possible routes, all full of energy and rainbow colours and they chose the brightest and boldest of the lot! Hoorah. We also had quite a lot of fun with the format of the invitation. Invites can be tricky and sometimes cumbersome because there is a lot of information to give to people beyond the date and time, so we combined it all into one large sheet. One side was a big poster giving the full running order for the day while the other side, when folded, created a booklet with hotel information, information of things in the local area to see and do the day after, rsvp information and of course the invite itself.
Vintage Through The Ages
Being an event organiser by trade Michelle had a very clear idea of how she wanted her wedding to be. She had collected enough vintage crockery for 100 people at the sit down picnic dinner and spent her weekends looking for props like old typewriters, record players and lamps that she planned to use around the beautiful venue they had chosen. It meant that there were a lot of eclectic style going on and this would need to be managed to create a look that held together. We selected a range of vintage styles that Jodie and Michelle liked and picked fonts and styles to match these then made sure the whole thing hung together with a soft pastel colour scheme and bespoke designed lace borders. The ‘one the day’ items pushed this creativity to the max with the table plan being made out of a vintage suitcase with table names designed to look like beer mats!
If you are interested in my bespoke wedding services visit my website www.samosborne.co.uk to find out more. From there you can get in touch with me and we can have a chat about how I can help you and costs, timing etc.”
Thank you Sam for sharing so many lovely designs and ideas this week. xx

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