Piece of Cake… or 3!!

So Ice the Cake is often mistaken for a ‘cake company’ – a good way for me to test those doing sales calls as to whether they have actually looked at the website before calling!  I don’t mind this in the slightest though because I happen to LOVE cake – although I can only actually bake them with the help of a lovely lady named Betty šŸ˜‰

Luckily for me I happen to be working with some industry starlets when it comes to delicious treats and so when it came to ITC’s Birthday celebrations we were spoilt for choice!
Firstly ITC weren’t the only one’s celebrating their Birthday and when Ian from Ian Waldron Photography advised me that it was actually his wife’s Birthday (also named Sue spookily enough!) even more well wishes were sent.  Ian arranged for Cakes by Shelly to create her a beautiful birthday cake and she was extremely surprised when we not only presented it to her but everyone also sang – a very tuneful – Happy Birthday to her šŸ™‚

Lovely Louise Potts from A Little Piece of Cupcake brought along a gorgeous giant cupcake.  Louise had kindly made some gorgeous chocolate cupcakes for my daughter’s Birthday during the week as well and they were absolutely delicious.
We were treated to some stunning vintage inspired cupcakes by Lydia from Sugar & Lace Cake Company – you may remember she won Best Newcomer in our cake competition last month & I am sure that those who tasted her cupcakes at the party will agree that she was a worthy winner!  Absolutely delicious…

Which brings me to my ‘official’ Birthday cake created by Shelly Shulman of Cakes by Shelly.  Not only did it look beautiful but tasted divine.  Earlier in the week she had teased everyone in the group by offering a complete array of tantalizing flavours for us to choose from and on the day she decided to really treat everyone with 3 amazing flavours…

The Top Tier was my personal favourite – Cherry and Amaretto & no it wasn’t because of the alcohol!

The second tier was very befitting to our celebrations as it was a delicious Champagne – a favourite with Mr ITC
The bottom tier was amazing – White Chocolate & Raspberry and I can happily say that I enjoyed several slices of this after taking the remains home from the party.
& as you can see the photographers on the day loved it too…

Well this is probably my longest ever blog post – no surprises there really given the subject.  All I can say is we are blessed at ITC to be working with some truly amazing cake companies from across the UK and whether you are looking for a wedding cake, birthday cake or just simply a cake because you deserve one… you can be sure that the suppliers we work with produce some of the yummiest around!
So that just leaves me to say…

Tomorrow some of the gorgeous items that were brought to be shared with us by our lovely suppliers.  To see more supplier information visit our website http://www.icethecake.co.uk

Photography credits:


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