‘A Week in the Life of…’ Simply Portgual Soaps – Day 2

Design and Inspiration

The designs and ideas for our soap bars, cupcake soaps and cake slice soaps all come from nature and from the things we see and smell around us every day. Plants can be so inspiring, with their wonderful array of colours, perfumes and shapes, and we try to give a feeling of that in our soaps.

The spring cupcake soap ideas came from the pretty little spring flowers; those first ones to pop their heads up after the bleak cold winter. We used primroses and violets, with a few butterflies to remind us of the sunny days and the warmth soon to come.  Then we started thinking about summer and about how we could evoke the feeling of a hot sunny day. That’s easy, really – ice cream! So our new summery cupcake soaps will be ice cream inspired – Neapolitan, strawberry sundae and banoffee-scented soaps are all curing at the moment and will be ready for sale in May, and a scrumptious mint choc chip scent is in the pipeline.

Our soap cakes are so pretty, and of course they are inspired by our love of food! I have a passion for cake making so it was a great treat to be able to come up with some fragrances and design ideas for these lovely soaps. They cut into beautiful creamy slices and make wonderful presents or favours for weddings and parties.

Then we have our gorgeous original soap bars, with fragrances like Lemon Verbena, Lime Mandarin & Basil, Coconut, Lavender and Linden Blossom to name but a few. You can see that our love of nature comes through again with these, and they are all beautifully topped off with swirls and with little fruits or flowers all made with soap. We always try to have something for everyone, from the more traditional floral scents to really fresh and zingy fragrances to wake you up in the morning. And when we decided to have a bit of fun with our soap bars, the result was our cocktail range, which is just so much fun. The booze-free treats are brilliant for hen night favours, and they also make fabulously different gifts for any occasion. 

Of course, our soaps are also inspired by the beautiful Portuguese countryside and the natural Portuguese ingredients, like the olive oil and goats’ milk, that go into our soaps. Walking round the pottery markets of the Algarve I was inspired to commission a talented local potter, who now makes exclusive soap dishes for me that bring the colour and flavour of traditional Portuguese pottery to our soaps. Our soap bars fit perfectly in the dishes, and our gift packs, with a pottery dish and one or two soap bars of your choice, make a wonderful gift beautifully packaged in organza.
Tomorrow you can find out more about where you can visit Simply Portugal Soaps and experience the smell and texture of these luxurious soaps in person… if you can’t wait until then pop over and say hello to them on Facebook now!


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