Scrumptious Soaps to tantalise your Taste Buds!… handmade by Simply Portugal Soaps – Day 5

This week’s guest blogger has been the wonderful Simply Portugal Soaps & today they have definitely saved the best until last… get ready to feel very hungry this morning!…
For my last day I thought I would introduce you to some of our lovely soaps. I find that inspiration for the fragrances can run away with me if I’m not careful, and soapmaker Shelley and I are always trying to come up with something different. We really enjoy mixing fragrances to create something unique, and this is why we particularly love making soaps for wedding favours as we can take ideas from the bride and run with them to find something ‘just right’ whether we’re making soap bars, cupcake soaps or even a whole soap cake to be cut up and given to the guests.

Here is just a selection of our gorgeous fragrances…
Blue Amberwood – this is a wonderful ‘wake you up in the morning’ soap that’s just perfect for the shower, and men love it too.
Chamomile – a very gentle soap with added calendula, both soothing and healing ingredients that are perfect for sensitive skin.
Chocolate Gateau – a real blast of chocolate with a hint of strawberry, beautifully decorated.
Lavender – with a scent known for its relaxing properties, our lavender soap is just perfect for an evening soak in the bath.
Lime, Mandarin & Basil – this is an amazing soap full of citrus scents and earthy basil, and it’s another one that men and women both love.
Lovespell – the fragrance in this soap is just perfect for that very special night out. Our customers love this one!
Then our fun range of cocktails…
Cosmopolitan – with gorgeously fruity tangerine and cranberry to give you that citrus zing.
Kir Royale – the classic cassis and champagne, so very decadent and luxurious. 
Mojito – fresh lime and mint, a really bright ‘wake you up’ soap.
White Russian – coffee and cream, a beautiful creamy soap that’s perfect for a laze in the bath.

Our beautiful cupcakes…
Floral – a beautiful fresh floral fragrance, decorated with either violets or primroses. 
Rose Garden – that classic rose scent.
Neapolitan – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, just like our favourite ice cream!
Banoffee – rich toffee and fruity banana, a really fun and indulgent soap.
Strawberry Sundae – strawberries and cream, the ultimate summer fragrance.
Cupcakes retail at £4.50 each.  Our soap bars sell at £3.85 each per 120g (as they are hand cut the sizes might differ slightly). 
The wedding favours are half bars, wrapped and presented in an organza bag in your choice of colour, or in a clear bag with a ribbon in your choice of colour, at £2.20 each.
Cake slices are available either as a whole cake at £70 or cut and wrapped individually at £4 per slice, these make perfect gifts offering great value for money.
All that’s left to decide is which is your favourite?  Ours has to be the Banoffee!
Thank you Simply Portugal Soaps for a scent-sational week!  If you have been tempted by the gorgeous fragrances available, as well as the beautiful natural ingredients used, then here the details to be able to order these stunning soaps…

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