‘A Week in the Life of…’ Country Weddings Italy – Day 2

When a couple get engaged and decide to host their wedding abroad, they are faced with a plethora of beautiful destinations worldwide to choose from. Italy has become a very popular choice with couples opting for a “Destination Wedding”, especially with British, Irish American and Canadian couples. So what is it that makes Italy so attractive, the choice as the perfect place to take your vows and hold the celebrations for your new life together? 
It must be said that Italy is such a romantic place. Italian lifestyle itself, the Dolce Vita, is the perfect atmosphere for any type of celebration, and the scenery that you find almost anywhere can be the perfect backdrop. Just think of all that money saved on styling!! 
I often spend hours just gazing out of my living window, thinking about how beautiful this place is, and that’s after living here for 22 years, so the novelty has kind of worn off by now! Anyway, let’s say that the canvas is already there, all it needs is painting a little bit more with your favourite colours and style. The sun and light in Italy is also special, adding that little extra something to your wedding photographs. Wonderful food, fantastic wines, friendly-natured people……I could go on and on, but I think Italy’s magic ingredient is just that…magic. 
Something that has no name, something that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know it is all around you. One phrase that always immediately pops out of somebody’s mouth when I say that I live in Italy is “Oh! You lucky thing!!” And my answer is always “Yes, aren’t I”. And I mean it.

Italy is a wonderful place.  The Latium countryside is rolling hills, lush vegetation and filled with archaeological and architectural wonders.  We can also add the excellent wines and food, amazing locations, beautiful churches and town halls, unique venues with breathtaking views. Italians are certainly creative and stylish too, so the presentation of the food for your wedding breakfast, your table decorations, your wedding flowers and your photographs will be out of this world, even when planning a wedding on a smaller budget. Your wedding will be an event that stays on all your guests’ lips for weeks afterwards. You will have lifetime memories of your wedding in Italy to cherish forever.
Couples choosing to marry in Italy and invite their family and friends often turn the experience into a celebration that lasts for more than one day. The special occasion becomes an opportunity to meet relatives and friends that you may not have seen for some time, and spend some quality time with them, all staying in the same location. At Country Weddings we organise pre and post-wedding events too, which can also be incorporated into your official wedding programme, and be included on your wedding invitations. We can sit down together and organise a whole progamme of events for you and your guests. 
For example, how about a pre-wedding barbecue by the pool of your hotel the night before the wedding? How about inviting all your guests to have a late brunch with you the day after your wedding, to look at some of the photos (the magic of digital photography is that it is immediately visible on screen) and talk about some of the most enjoyable moments of the day?  How about spending a day in the kitchen with your friends, learning authentic Italian cooking while sipping a glass of full-bodied red wine (or two…).  Or, to make the men in the wedding party happy, how about learning to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini around an Italian racetrack for the day?
Daniela and I always make sure that we have excellent accommodation to offer you, if it is not already available at your wedding venue, and if we don’t have immediate thoughts on the matter, we will do the searching for you, until we find a place where you will be happy staying for your wedding holiday.  Some of the excellent hotels and country villas that we have visited and chosen to offer to our couples have offered to organise cookery classes, wine-tasting evenings, sightseeing tours or for our guests, and even sightseeing tours around Rome.
Add your wedding ceremony in a frescoed wedding hall, a beautiful church or in a country garden, spectacular food and wine at your wedding reception and a mild climate almost all year round, and……well, maybe we’ve got the answer as to why Italy is a very popular choice for couples planning their wedding.
So after reading this fantastic guest blog from Country Weddings Italy do you fancy getting married in Italy now?  Watch out for an incredible Competition that Country Weddings Italy will be launching with us on Friday!  If you can’t wait until then to contact them…

Location: Formello, Italy
Telephone: +3351573685
Email: info@countryweddingsitaly.com
Website: www.countryweddingsitaly.com

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