Your Lancashire Wedding Planner in Rome… Country Weddings Italy – Day 3

A former Lancashire resident, Nicola Heaney, who grew up in Blackpool but who has lived in Rome for the past 22 years, has decided to embark on a new business adventure after years of success in the translation and interpreting sector. Her goal is to work with British couples who want to get married overseas.

Over the years, Nicola has also been involved in the organisation of some friends’ weddings in Italy and has also collaborated at some international business events. She has now decided to combine professional and personal experience to set up a business organising destination weddings in the countryside north of Rome and throughout central Italy: Country Weddings Italy. Nicola is now qualified in Advanced Wedding Coordination and Design and with her business partner, Daniela, they launched their new website at the end of January. There is also a regular blog on wedding information and showcases to read:
“The area north of Rome is beautiful. It has everything: lakes, coastline, hills, Etruscan and Roman ruins, castles, villas, country estates and characteristic farmhouses, perfect venues for weddings. The advantage of getting married in Lazio is that a couple can choose a stunning rural setting for their wedding, but have the option of visiting the city just a short drive away. Rome is a beautiful place, a city to be visited at least once in a lifetime. We have also selected some possible venues in Umbria, which is close by and fantastic to visit.
We aim to provide a bespoke wedding service for anyone who is looking for that individual, personalized attention and approach that they would get from a wedding planner at home.  There are no set packages, no set styles, and what is more important, we spend an unlimited amount of time spent on planning the whole event. We work with each couple to bring to life the wedding day that they have imagined and dreamed about, right down to the choice of wedding cake, flowers and table décor. The fact that I am English means that I have an immediate understanding of what the couple wants. 
“We are in our early stages,” says Nicola, “but we have already managed to involve a lot of people, and have set up excellent relationships with local suppliers who would be involved in the organisation of each event. No two weddings will be the same.

We can also provide ideas and services on accommodation and pre and post wedding activities to share with your family and friends, from mini cookery courses to a day driving a Ferrari round a racetrack.
So after reading this fantastic guest blog from Country Weddings Italy do you fancy getting married in Italy now?  Watch out for an incredible Competition that Country Weddings Italy will be launching with us TOMORROW!  If you can’t wait until then to contact them…

Location: Formello, Italy
Telephone: +3351573685

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