’22 cakes, 270 cupcakes and 540 cookies’ with Cakes By Shelly – Day 2

Today has been the first day of an intense working week with 7 wedding cake orders and 2 birthday cakes to create. This equates to 22 cakes, 270 cupcakes and 540 cookies – looks like the oven is going to be put through it’s paces!! Plus as well as this I have to prepare some new cake designs ready for the new studio opening on Monday!
After clearing the inbox it’s was a trip to the suppliers to get everything I need to get creative. This week the shopping list included 15kg butter, 290 eggs, 14kg flour and 16kg sugar. I always get funny looks putting that amount through the checkout and every week get asked – ‘Are you making a cake?’ – I wonder if that will ever get old??
When a busy week like this comes along it’s all about being prepared and managing my time well. With the first 3 of 22 cakes in the oven I’ve sat and created over 50 sugar roses that will adorn one this this week’s wedding cakes – one of our tallest to date with four double height tiers blocked with sugar flowers to give extra height. I may need a step ladder to assemble that one 😉 
Loving these cakes?  Contact Cakes By Shelly:
Location: Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Telephone: 01525 221427
Email: michelle@cakesbyshelly.co.uk
Website: www.cakesbyshelly.co.uk 

Tomorrow in ‘A Week in the Life of…’ Cakes By Shelly – heartbreaking news and a very honest account of events… 


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