Wow! A 4 double tier cake from Cakes By Shelly Day 4

Another long day for us at Cakes by Shelly HQ. Fridays are always a bit manic as it’s usually the last day before collection/delivery but this week we’ve already had 3 wedding cakes leave on Thursday plus I had to deliver a wedding cake to the Priory Barns this morning so the usual routine has gone completely out the window. (Am so used to Mr Shelly delivering on a Saturday for me – how dare he have a day job! Especially whenever I have to deliver someone keeps moving the venues).
Today’s wedding cake  was the tallest we have ever made with 4 double height tiers (so effectively an 8 tier cake) with the tiers separated with sugar flowers plus a stand and large topper to add extra height! Luckily I’m tall and well known for wearing heels so didn’t need to take a step ladder with me! It’s always fun/nerve-racking/exciting/scary doing cakes like this as they need to be assembled and finished in situ so you never know that it’s all going to come together until the  last minute. If anyone leaves this wedding today saying they don’t remember seeing the cake they must have forgotten their glasses.

Tomorrow we will be introducing the ‘Simply Shelly’ collection as we wave goodbye to this weeks fantastic guest blogger.
Contact Cakes By Shelly:
Location: Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Telephone: 01525 221427


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