Made with Lots of Love – Charms By Joanna – Day Three

Today I received a letter from a friend of mum’s, asking for a set of Top table charms. It was just as well I ordered more of them yesterday as I am running a bit low!

I sorted out the beads etc… to make sure I had the correct colours (Champagne) & I created the designs for her.  I then decided, as I had all of my beads out, why not make some more charms so another 3 sets done.

Today I was also absolutely delighted to have received a reply from my bride to be in Cork.  She has decided on the tiny hearts so I’ve made her set. She has 2 Bridesmaids and 2 Best Men so I offered to add an extra tiny heart to the back of 1 of each so they do not get them confused, she said she cant wait to see them.  While I had my beads out, I made another 3 sets of charms!  As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now – I love my job!

Contact Charms by Joanna:

Telephone: 07905 601549


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