A Victoria Sponge – the perfect ingredient for your Diamond Jubilee Party!

Article guest blogged by Chantel from The Cupcake Box
The Victoria Sponge also known as a Victoria Sandwich and less commonly a Victoria Cake but none the less a classic…and what I would consider to be a must have at any Jubilee party.   

About a week ago I was in the middle of a Jubilee inspired photo shoot when it got me to thinking what the actual history was behind the Victoria Sponge.  Many of you can probably guess that it was named after Queen Victoria, who reigned for a staggering 63 years!  
It is said that Queen Victoria would request small cakes to relieve the rumbling tummies of her courtiers between lunch and dinner time.  It was her lifelong friend and lady-in-waiting, the Duchess of Bedfordshire that was the creator of the British meal “Afternoon Tea” which involved serving small sweet cakes accompanied by tea (usually Darjeeling) and sandwiches.  The cake at the centre of tea-time evolved over generations into the Victoria Sponge we know, and love, today.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the official Women’s Institute guidelines dictate that a real Victoria Sponge has only a jam filling and absolutely no cream!

Question is; how do you like yours?

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