‘Whatever’ tick tocks your fancy – BigFurryCat – Day Two

Guest Blogger – BigFurryCat
So here’s the thing, I adore canvases.  I mean, I truly truly adore them.  In fact, if there was a Canvas Anonymous group, I would have to attend it.  As a result of this near on obsession, I am always looking for things to put on them and the range of ‘Whatever’ clocks was a natural progression.  They are all handpainted, I outline the numbers and words and then handfill them all in, trying not to sneeze or wobble!

They come in two sizes : 50x50cm aka HUGE and 30x30cm aka a bit more manageable!  The ‘Whatever I’m late anyway’ version in cream is below:

The clock can be made in whatever (pardon the pun!) colours you like.  This can include a particular background colour but also the colours of the numbers and the wording, I made one recently on a white background with hot pink numbers and black letters which did look rather fabulous!  The picture above features a stencil type font but they can also come with a calligraphy type font :

They come in a multitude of colours :

(This is the smaller version) 

I also recently added a slightly different version to the range, this one is a lovely duck egg blue colour :

Again, it can be made in any colour to match your home décor.

I then got a little bit carried away with the theme :
And finally experimented with a different look which I think is beautiful.    This one is only available in the 30x30cm size.

The clock movements are all smooth with no ticking noises and ideal gifts for yourself or a friend!

Tomorrow, we look at our wedding ranges, including cute little bridesmaid gifts and handmade ring cushions.

Special Offer:  10% off with this code ‘Furry2012’
Contact BigFurryCat
Telephone: 01273 595018

Website: www.bigfurrycat.co.uk


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