Ring Pillows & Wands – Big Furry Cat – Day Three

Guest Blogger – BigFurryCat
So once I had come up with fingerprint trees for weddings, I decided it would be a good idea to create some other weddingy type products, below are a few from the range.  Most things I make can be adapted in whichever colours my customers require.
This cute flowergirl wand is for little girls who are going to struggle to keep their beautiful bouquets or posy intact and lets face it, if you were 5, would you rather carry flowers or a fabtastical fairy wand?!

Another aspect of a wedding that small people struggle with, is being the ring bearer so we came up with ring cushions that can be made in whatever colours and the rings can be tied on so they don’t end up getting flung across the church!

We have a funky jewellery range anyway so it was a natural progression to make flowergirl bracelets.  The one on the left is the smallest and is based on my 5 year old niece’s wrist, it is rather cute!  Each bracelet is double stranded and the knot is glued for extra stability.

When we first started attending wedding fairs, I made some organza topiary trees to decorate the stand and then had a eureka moment of making them to sell, dur!  They come in two sizes, small for table centrepieces and taller so they stand on the floor and could, for example, be placed on either side of the door at a wedding venue.  Again, they can be made in any colour or combination of colour.  Several wedding fair organisers now have them on their sign in desks at the fairs.  You can tell if BigFurryCat is exhibiting, look for the topiary trees!!

And finally in our wedding range, our blinged up Mr&Mrs Signs, these are really popular to put on the top table at a reception or on the present table. 

Special Offer:  10% off with this code ‘Furry2012’
Contact BigFurryCat
Telephone: 01273 595018

Website: www.bigfurrycat.co.uk


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