Christmas in June – Big Furry Cake – Day Five

Guest Blogger – BigFurryCat
I suffer with ‘toomanyideasfloatingthroughmymindatonce’itus! this!  Some of the other items we make and sell:

Bauble wreaths for Christmas but actually they are so cool, I have this one up all year round!!

Fluffy Pompom wreaths that you just want to cuddle!

‘Love’ made out of buttons (I do love buttons!) on fabric covered canvases.

Satin wreaths decorated with felt flowers and beads (see what I mean about too many ideas?!)

So there we go, a quick look at what bigfurrycat does.  Always happy to work with customer’s ideas and always happy to talk cats, meow!

Special Offer:  10% off with this code ‘Furry2012’
Contact BigFurryCat
Telephone: 01273 595018


BigFurryCat Thank you so much for a fantastically creative week.  Next week it’s all about the flowers!… xx

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