The Alarm goes off it’s 4.45am… time to get up! – Signature Flowers by Emma Newman – Day 2

Guest Blogger – Emma Newman
The alarm went at 4:45 … This means its time to get up for a trip to the wholesalers, I use two, but as its a large order I’m traveling to Sarratt to collect an order I placed last week.  Fortunately I can drag my boyfriend along to keep me awake on route … he loves early starts, I’m sure? Once there, and armed with a strong coffee we head to the order area, where I can check everything in my order against the list, and ensure everything is the right colour and standard I need, fortunately everything is lovely so, I get it loaded into the car … it’s days like this I wish I had a van.   I gather a few sundries I need and some fabulous teacup baskets and head home.
When back and organised its time to condition all the flowers, its crucial this is done, to prolong the vase life of the flowers.  They are all re cut, and put in clean containers with fresh water and flower food and stored in the cool. This takes about 2 hours, as each flower is done individually.  Any breakages are cut down and saved, they can come in handy.
I made two gift bouquets, one for collection this afternoon and one to be delivered tomorrow morning.

After lunch, and checking the emails from brides and customers its back to work, the funeral order I’m working on is for delivery at 8am tomorrow morning.  The customer has ordered 5 items from the immediate family and there are 4 others from family friends.  The designs were all prepped yesterday so edges were ribboned, or foliaged and the bespoke design of an armchair was formed. The daughters of the deceased dropped by at about 4pm to check progress, adding an additional order of roses to throw in grave, and drop off cards for tributes, one from the Grandaughter was particularly beautiful, and made me shed a tear or two.
Once all the flowers are done at nearly 9pm they are all misted with water, and the cards are all put on, this is often the hardest part for families, and we have a selection of sample messages to help them with what to write if necessary.
Contact Signature Flowers by Emma Newman:
Location: Buckinghamshire
Telephone: 07894283255

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