"The colours and the flowers were perfect" – Signature Flowers by Emma Newman – Day 3

I left the Signature Flowers studio at 7:15 with the funeral tributes and dropped them off, the undertakers were expecting a lot of items, but hadn’t considered quite how many with some others as well as my designs being delivered. It was decided as it was a village funeral I would take some of mine back and display them in the church for when people arrived.

When back from the church it was time to do todays contract flowers for a local hotel, they have one large arrangement and several small vases with flowers for the guest rooms each week. This week they have stunning pink cymbidium orchids, replicated in wine glasses on in the bedrooms, these are delivered at about 3pm, and last weeks flowers are collected together and removed, when home, the flowers will be thrown away, and all the glassware washed and polished.
The lady I delivered the flowers too was celebrating her 70th birthday and loved her pink bouquet made up in her favourite colours, so much she sent an email later that day saying so! She wrote; I just wanted to thank you for the most exquisite flowers I have ever seen!    I have been playing around with flowers for years  but have never received such a well put together “ bunch” before  and the colours and the flowers were perfect.  So thank you it gave me great pleasure!
That’s it for actual flowers today, so I get down to some wedding work, I have a wedding in two weeks time, so I must check their final payment has been made and send them a final itemised quote to sign, as this will allow them to make any final amendments. Fortunately she replies almost instantly so I am able to draw up my order sheet, to work out flower totals and place the order with my wholesaler.

I also have time to reply to several other enquiries, requesting responses.  One was a school enquiring about prom corsage deals for their students, a great way of getting business, taking a corsage bar to a school over a few lunchtimes where the students can pick what they’d like!

Early night tonight after some preparations for tomorrow morning, teaching a reception class how to make posies.

Contact Signature Flowers by Emma Newman:
Location: Buckinghamshire
Telephone: 07894283255
Email: info@signature-flowers.co.uk
Website: www.signature-flowers.co.uk 


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