Car Scrap Yard Paint – Let’s Trash the Dress!

I have to admit I have been sitting on these photos for a while now and somehow they managed to slip down the pile of emails.  Luckily today I have had 5 minutes to get “organised” and I am delighted to be able to share these incredible shots with you.
Captured by the extremely talented R&J Photography I absolutely adore these images.
R&J are two lovely ladies named Renira & Jane and are based in Oxfordshire.  You may remember I featured their Red, White & Blue ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot a couple of weeks ago.  This time they’ve gone a step further and I absolutely love the use of a car scrap yard and bright pink paint!

Renira said “The bride who posed for us had two wedding dresses and didn’t like her wedding pics because they were too traditional (not by us!) so asked us to do something completely different. Was really good fun. And there is quite an art to throwing paint correctly!”…


Would you go as far as this to Trash your Dress?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this awesome shoot… Sue xx

Contact Details:
Location: Oxfordshire
Telephone: 07766252565

7 thoughts on “Car Scrap Yard Paint – Let’s Trash the Dress!

  1. I love the idea of trashing your wedding dress! I wish I hadn't got rid of mine. I always imagined I would do something in a muddy field, but after seeing these pics I definitely would like to do something similar in a junk yard!I love taking old machinery (laptops, TVs and toasters being the latest additions) to junk yards and throwing them into the big bins (even though I always get told off as you're supposed to leave things like that neatly in a pile). There is nothing as satisfying as the sight and sound of a broken piece of technology shattering into a thousand pieces.I also like the pink paint, though I would have red paint thrown around as its my favourite colour. It would also match the colour scheme in my front room – I can just imagine a blown-up photo of me in my wedding dress, splattered with red paint whilst throwing my mischievous laptop through the air to smash into pieces! It's almost worth getting married again!

  2. Oh WOW these are amazing! I've never been asked to do a Trash the Dress shoot but this is fabulous inspiration if I ever do. What a great location and use of pink paint. I especially love the paint action shots 🙂

  3. Thanks for your comments guys! It was really good fun to shoot and such a hot day. My little boy was 3 months old and still breast feeding so he had to come along too! Throwing paint definitely needs to be practised as it has to fall in a certain way (not in Kimberly's eyes!). The guys at the scrap yard were awesome and were literally moving and piling cars for us as back drops. We love the trash the dress shoots but actually call it Rock the Frock instead as we have actually only ever trashed one dress (which Kim dyed black afterwards to wear to a ball and it was one of two dresses as she had two weddings. So not as crazy as it seems!). We have done them on horses, on the beach, in corn fields, swimming pools… the list goes on! So if you ever want a fun shoot you know where to come! xx

  4. Fantastic, love the scrapyard backdrop, great idea. I would love to do a rock the frock / trash the dress at some point. I have an idea but I am not sure if it is possible!! LOL. The possibilities are endless. Keep up the good work Renira 🙂

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