Happy Daddie’s Day!

Many become Fathers but it takes someone special to be a Dad!…

My blog today wouldn’t be complete without wishing my Dad a very Happy Fathers Day!  My Dad does so much for us (I’m one of three) and those who know him are only too aware that he is probably one of the most selfless people you are likely to meet.  If you need help, advice, a man who can fix pretty much anything (although his name isn’t Bob) or nowadays a rockin’ around the dance floor he’s your man!  

So today I’m taking the day off to spend the day with Mr ITC – he suggested going out for dinner but I said you do that on Mother’s day to give the mum a day off cooking… so what shall I give him a day without?  The TV Remote?!  Lol,  but seriously he is such a star and ITC wouldn’t be where it is now without him and the support he gives me every day.  So I hope the kids can refrain from fighting for 24 hours… or even just 24 minutes!
Finally, two extra special gentlemen both of whom I hope have a wonderful day… 

My Grandad
My Pop

Whether you are a Dad, Stepdad, Grandad, a wonderfully supportive Uncle or other well deserving male I would just like to wish you a fantastic Fathers Day! xx


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