The Person Behind the Planning… White Satin Weddings – Day 1

This week I am delighted to be introducing you to the lovely Danni from White Satin Weddings.  I absolutely adore how passionate Danni is about her work; providing exceptional support for a couple in the build up to their special day.  It is my pleasure to introduce White Satin Weddings…

The Person Behind the Planning:

Your name: Danielle Dimino  
Do you have a ‘nickname’? Danni, Pinkin (don’t ask!)
Choose 3 words to describe your personality: Fun, Reliable, Loyal
Choose an animal that best represents you and why: Tiger – Powerful, Energetic, Protector
What is your favourite food? Lamb cutlets, Wild rice and salad
What is your favourite music? Funky house, Rare grooves, Soul, Hip hop
What is your favourite film? The Lost Boys 
How do you spend your Friday night? On the sofa with my hubby and lil princess eating a takeaway with a glass of vino and watching a great movie
Tell us a secret: Ohhh that would be telling!!
What is your favourite part of a wedding? When the bride walks down the aisle, towards the groom, and they smile at each other or wink.  I’m always beaming from ear to ear!
What inspired you to become a Wedding Planner? After helping my sister plan her wedding 8yrs ago and also organising a number of my friends and families birthday bashes.
What is your greatest achievement? Having my daughter with me everyday, whilst running my own business. It’s a hard juggle but I do it.
What is your favourite part of your job? Getting a thank you and a big hug from the married couple at the end of the night
Why should an engaged couple contact you? I can help couples whom are overwhelmed with planning their wedding, celebrate their special day as they dreamed. From full wedding planning to a simple question, with less stress and hopefully save them money on the way.
How can Brides & Grooms contact you? They can contact me via my Website:
Mobile: 07514 188598

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