Manic Monday on a Tuesday – White Satin Weddings – Day 2

Guest Blogger – White Satin Weddings
So, what do I do in a typical week? Well I’m not an early bird so one of the best perks with working for yourself is that you get to choose your own working hours. So a typical White Satin day usually starts at 9am with cuppa whilst going through the ever increasing to do list, which gets updated on Sunday so that I’m organised for the week ahead.  I then spend the next couple of hours confirming arrangements with suppliers either new or ones that our clients have recommended for their own wedding.

I take my scheduled lunch break between 12pm and 1pm and catch up on a bit of Sky+ but then it’s back to business!

The afternoon is spent on the phone with some suppliers about an upcoming wedding and dealing with email queries from a client.

At 3pm it’s time for some mummy and daughter time, so I to take my little girl swimming. This is where I get to de-stress and not think about work for awhile. But then it’s back to work at around 8pm as I have to get some ideas together for an article that I want to send out as part of a PR release. I finish off at 11.30pm totally ready for my bed!

See you tomorrow! Danni xx

Contact Danni at White Satin Weddings:
Mobile: 07514 188598

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