Photographers ‘Strike a Pose’!

Something a bit fun for you today!  So normally we would focus on in front of the camera.  How to look amazing on your wedding day; how to relax in front of the camera. But many things go on behind the scenes too and some of the best poses can be found not by the models, but by the photographers themselves, who get into all sorts of positions to capture ‘The Shot’!  
Today we bring you behind the scenes at Worton Park.   Hopefully you will have already seen some of the beautiful images captured from our styled shoots:  Enchanting Nature, Nuts about Neon, Contemporary Romance the Under water ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot and coming soon Gothic Vintage…  But how did the photographers go about capturing such amazing images?… well lets see… 
Firstly there were the standing shots:
Then there were the crouching shots…
Moving on to Sitting…
Closely followed by kneeling…
Which then turned into lying down on the job…
And we must not forget the high in the balancing on a step ladder shots…
Being a Professional photographer is much more than just a ‘point and click’ it’s about finding amazing angles and capturing a ‘moment in time’… which is why sometimes you might even have to get a little bit wet…

Thank you so much to all the awesome photographers who went the extra mile for the shoot:  Jay Mountford Photography, Frank Millar Photography, Wendy Grant Photography and Gentle Visions Photography, and of course to  Pho2U! (Black & White) & Nigel Crump Photography (Colour) for capturing these amazing behind the scenes images!

Have a wonderful weekend.  Sue xx


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