Guest Blogger – WrapperStar

Today I have been printing & wrapping the Black & White themed ‘Alice in Wonderland’ chocolate bars for a party in Surrey. Initial enquiry received Tuesday………delivery needed by Friday!  I will always help if I can & it was certainly WrapperStar to the rescue again here.  Being told they were ‘perfect!’ made my day. Delivered by my courier earlier than requested – job done!
Plus I have been printing & wrapping a Ruby Wedding Anniversary Dinner order.  These are place settings & look stunning.  

A lovely email request today from a Groom….. Please can I help with their wedding favours?  I had originally been speaking with them back in April 2011 & their wedding is now in less than 3 weeks! Of course I can help; a photo of them supplied on email so I can incorporate that as well as matching the bars to their wedding stationery.  Initial design ideas sent; now waiting for feedback…

Contact WrapperStar:
Telephone: 01993 774622.


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