Beautiful DIY Wedding Flower Ideas courtesy of Signature Flowers by Emma Newman

Were you lucky enough to watch a fantastic demonstration by Emma Newman at our recent Wedding Show at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre?  If not, don’t worry here’s a little recap…

Emma Said:  “On Sunday 2nd September I demonstrated 4 pieces which are easily replicated at home, with the right equipment and good quality flowers.

The first piece was the candelabra, the base of which I created on an oasis wreath frame, soaked in water.  

I pinned aspidistra leaves around the edge to hide the frame, and around the inside edge also.

Next I started creating a compact design using hydrangea, roses, eustoma and carnations – I grouped the the roses and carnations for impact and filled in with the contrasting purple eustoma and hydrangea in white. 


When the ring was complete it was placed at the base of the candelabra, hiding it’s ‘foot’ and placed candles in the necessary holders.  These were secured with florist tack.

The second piece I designed was the log, the piece of wood I used was just over 1 metre long and had 8 holes drilled in for test tubes to be placed in.  

The test tubes were two thirds full of water, and I randomly arranged lilac roses, lisianthus and gypsophilla to create a loose but fresh design.


Top Tip:  Don’t use roses in every tube or the deisgn will be too heavy.

To finish the design off I threaded some purple beads on silver wire amongst the tubes.  You could also use strings of faux pearls.

The third item was a collared bouquet, the collar was made from a bead garland and I held it in place with wires.  I used several thicker wired to then create a sturdy handle on the frame.  These were taped together for added security.  

Again I began with a large hydrangea bloom which nearly filled the collar and into that I inserted groupings of roses and carnations, finally I added some eustoma buds to give the design some movement. I finished the design by cutting the stems level and binding in ribbon.

Photography Credit:  Gentle Visions Photography

The final design I created was a vintage bottle, ideal for your dressing table or to brighten up a dull corner – check the neck of the bottle before choosing blooms – unlike I did!! I used a hydrangea bloom in white, a couple of anthirrinums to give the display height and then I folded aspidistra leaves to create a collar.  Taped them together and put in the bottle.  The bottle was then placed on a mirror tile and I wrapped a string of pearls to add to the vintage feel.

Thanks for watching!  Emma x

If you missed out on our recent wedding show don’t worry!  We are organising another spectacular day on Sunday 13th January 2013.  11am – 4pm and with over 100 Wedding Suppliers this is one show you won’t want to miss.  Pre-registration for Queue Jump is now open and we hope to see you there!


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