Keeping The Boys Busy On Your Stag Do

The best man’s worse enemy on a stag weekend is an unruly drunken group who has peaked by 4pm on the Saturday afternoon. This is why the modern day stag weekend has evolved to include full on activities on the Saturday. Something to keep the boys out the bars a little longer!!

Stag do’s looking for motorised action during the weekend should check out karting.  The humble mud kart of yesteryear has had a serious upgrade and now appears in the form of extremely fast Rage Buggies, massive dune buggies and eco friendly electric karts.

Don’t take a sharp intake of breath when I mention electric karts, these karts now pack a punch and the acceleration will rival any petrol kart!
If you prefer to be at one with Mother Nature, then Surfing, Coasteering or Canyoning may tick the box.
These popular stag activities include water and can only be done in specific parts of the UK. For example you cannot surf in Milton Keynes so you’ll need to head down to Newquay where the coolest surf schools on the planet are. You’ll be kitted out in wet suits and boards before getting expert instruction, you will be surprised how many in the stag group will be standing by lunch time!

If your stag group would prefer to walk behind waterfalls, traverse sheer rock faces and jump off high ledges into deep pools coasteering or canyoning is your activity. Coasteering is done on the coast and canyoning is done whilst walking up a gorge / canyon, South Wales is perfect for both these activities or you can do coasteering near Bournemouth or Newquay.
Whilst you have all your mates together it would be silly not to partake in a little competition, for banter and bragging rights, men love competition. 5 a side football, indoor karting, clay pigeon shooting or paintball are ideal competitive stag activities.

For the more mature stag groups, clay shooting is a real winner, wax jacket on and hip flask in your inside pocket you will totally rock that country look. However if you prefer ammo on the face and stealth like tactics Paintball is a fantastic activity. It’s fast, furious and one of the most exciting stag activities money can buy and one of the cheapest, unless you’re trigger-happy like me.
However, if all the above-mentioned activities don’t float your boat and you fancy something a little less energetic, how about a distillery or brewery tour? With loads to see and do and specially designed with stag parties in mind these tours are great fun with loads of tastings to be had. Hang on a minute I have just done a full circle of not drinking in the day to trying out ales, ciders or whiskies, hey ho you are on a stag do after all.

The above article has been written by Marco Walker, from DesignaVenture. Head over to the DesignaVenture for some fantastic stag do ideas.

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