The Credible & Incredible Supplier of the Week is… Ultimate Wedding Magazine

Ice the Cake have are excited to welcome the Ultimate Wedding Magazine as one of our new suppliers.  The magazine has been going from strength to strength since it started and we are lucky to find out a little bit more about the owner, Tina.

Who inspires you?
My Mother is my greatest inspiration and critic. My father died when I was 2, so Mum raised me to be the person that I am. I am eternally grateful to her for the strong morals she installed in me, and the ethos to never give up. She is now suffering with Lewy Body Dementia, and our moments together are precious. Aside from Mum, my children inspire me hugely to be the best that I can be. Outside of my circle, I admire people who are polite, respectful and determined, and more importantly happy. Money doesn’t buy happiness, contentment comes from within.

What makes your Magazine unique? 

We are free! Bridal parties pay enough, they should not have to pay for good advice. We have amazing competitions and features, great celebrity bloggers, and we offer our suppliers a unique service with a complete pr/advertising package. Plus, if our suppliers do not get a good response from their advert, we look at why not, and then work with them to ensure that they get excellent return on their spend. We distribute more magazines into the Home Counties than the National magazines, so if a supplier wants to promote their business to local brides, we offer exceptional value. Plus we are number 2 on google, above the nationals!

What do you feel makes the perfect mix for a wedding magazine? 

It must be informative and fun. Be suitable to all, and embrace life as it is today. It must offer variety and something for the bridal party, not just the bride. We have great competitions, which everyone seems to love, and they even pop up on national money saving websites! We love to work with charities, and are currently supporting the Alzeihmers Society. It is also very important to show options for variable budgets, so every bride, groom or broom can have the day of their dreams, at a price they can afford.

What is the magazine’s greatest achievement? 

We are now working on our birthday issue, and that is an achievement in itself! A year ago this was just a dream, now we have amazing visitors online, great readers, lovely suppliers from big brands to sole traders. We just want to keep going and deliver a quality publication that brides and suppliers love. Oh and our Christmas message last year, don’t get much better coverage than Piccadilly!

A Message from Ultimate Wedding Magazine… 

Hello to fellow ITC members, from the team at UWM. I say team, there are only 2 of us! We very much look forward to working with you over the coming months, some of you are already part of the UWM family. We are a local publication for local brides. Stylish A5 handbag mag featuring the best from our lovely Home Counties. We offer a complete pr/advertising package, and work with you to look at maximising your exposure to brides.

Do you have a current special offer for Ice the Cake readers?

As an ITC member, you get preferential advertising rates. Plus we have 2 major announcements over the next week, that you will get to know first!

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