The Wedding Whizz… A Massive Thank You!

Every so often something happens that leaves you completely overwhelmed and speechless and I was lucky enough to have just that happen to me at our Awards ceremony last week… 

At the end of the ceremony, Helen from Sweetness & Delight Wedding Cakes and Emma from Signature Flowers by Emma Newman took to the stage with the most stunning bouquet of flowers, a gorgeous card made by Kathryn Deeley signed with wonderful messages from lots of our members, an amazing gift of a collection that had been raised for me to treat myself and a wonderful poem written for me by Jo at Bespoke Verse.

I cannot thank everyone enough – there would be no cakey family without everyone making it feel so special and I am truly blown away by the support everyone has given me since starting ITC in April 2011.  It was a magical evening… so I just wanted to share this InCREDIBLE poem written by the Winner of this Years Most Innovative category – Bespoke Verse…

 Thank You Sue
A constant source of inspiration
Sue’s full of fun and motivation
Network meetings, selling wares,
Forum, Facebook, wedding fairs
Photo shoots and blogs and press;
Does this woman ever rest?
Christmas fairs, supplier training
Advice on weddings, entertaining
Mobos, marketing, awards
No wonder she is so adored.
She juggles lots of spinning plates
Yet never seems to make mistakes
She’s always there to answer questions
And wows us with her great suggestions.
We make new friends, we get more biz
Thanks to Sue the wedding whizz
And not just that, but all the while
She does it with a cheerful smile.
So… thanks for everything you do
To Ice the Cakes’s amazing Sue!

Thank you so much xxxxx


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