Scrumptious Treats with a ‘Touch of Decorative Magic’…

“A Sweet Buffet is ornamental as well as delicious; it involves a touch of decorative magic that will have your guests talking about it for years to come…”

Today I have an absolute treat in store for you.   I have been working with Melissa from The Cake Boutique for several months and more recently, Laura from Pick and Mix Buffet has also joined the Ice the Cake network. I was absolutely delighted to hear that the two were collaborating to create some scrumptious Sweet Dessert Tables.

As my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary was approaching we were looking for something different to WOW their guests and nothing could’ve prepared me for the awesome display that these two lovely ladies created for them on their special night. (More on this epic party to come next week).

Scrumptious Treats with a 'Touch of Decorative Magic'...
Ruby Wedding Anniversary Sweet Dessert Table

So after seeing what an incredible display they put together for the party, I asked them to do it all over again for the InCREDIBLE Wedding Supplier of the Year Awards TWO WEEKS LATER!  The display was absolutely exquisite and as I’m sure any of our guests would verify tasted delicious! (If you attended either of these events we’d love to hear what your favourite delight was.)

So after some scrumptious treats and lots of giggles, I got together with these extremely talented ladies for a chat about their collaboration and what the future holds for them…

How did you both meet?
Laura:  Melissa and I met via Facebook. I wanted to start to offer Sweet Dessert Tables, but wanted to find someone who would continue to offer the same high level of service, taste and creative flair.
Melissa: What she said! Laura came for tea and cake – it was important to see if we shared the same aims and standards.
First Birthday Sweet Dessert Table
So what was your first step towards working together?
Melissa:  We teamed up to do a full on table for Laura’s daughters first birthday. Laura came up with a design and concept and I created the baked goods.
What kinds of things did you make?
Melissa:  Laura created a beautiful range of paperie, sweetie jars, water bottles and party bags, I did cookies, cuppies, mallow pops, CakePops brownies etc
Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party

So I’m guessing it was extremely well received!! What did you do next?

Melissa:  The rock n roll party! We’ve only been working together properly 6 weeks! Though we seem to know each other like we’ve worked together years!
Laura:  Is it only 6 weeks! Mental…
Soldier Themed 1st Birthday Dessert Table

Oh wow that’s amazing, so tell me about other things you’ve been up to!

Laura:  We created a soldier table for a First Birthday Party, on a very small scale…  Melissa did a fabulous two tier birthday cake, soldier biscuits, Cupcakes (with soldier cupcake flags), Bunting, Water Bottle Wraps, Jelly Belly filled tubes, Tubs of Colour coordinating sweets.
How did you come up with the designs for the labels, etc..?
Laura:  Melissa sent me a photo of her inspiration.. A Cath kidston Childrens Suitcase…  Then we took the design from there
Melissa:  The little boy is called ‘Little Soldier’ by his mum so it was a natural theme and the suitcase steered us.

Aww how cute! So when a customer contacts you what options are available to them?

Melissa:  Whatever they want! It’s driven by how much they want us to do. We can just supply the edibles or do everything from bespoke paperie to props and set up.

Do they need to give you a spec or do you give them ideas of what’s available?

Laura:  We are happy to fully design or work with their thoughts and wishes

Melissa:  The customer can decide how much they want to spend and we’ll work to that.
Laura:  We can cater from a minimum of 20 people.. so they don’t have to be for huge parties.
Melissa:  It can take a lot of hassle out of throwing a party and be a serious wow!
Laura:  We can however cater for huge parties!!
Melissa:  Like awards ceremonies!
Sweet Dessert Table at The InCREDIBLE Wedding Supplier of the Year Awards 2012
How do people go about booking – who should they contact?

Melissa:  Either of us! Sometimes people think they want a sweet buffet or a cake but then see what we can do together!

Is there somewhere that customers can look at the things you’ve already created such as one of your websites?
Laura:  My website, has all all the work we have done so far and both our facebook pages
What would you say makes your dessert buffets different to others that are available?
Laura:  I would say the quality of the products..Sweets/Cakes/Desserts, Attention to detail, decorative flair.
Melissa:  The standard! We strive to do everything better. More creative, more beautiful, more delicious! Have you ever seen shimmering mint imperials? Only on our table!
How do you go about catering for special dietary requirements?
Melissa:  We cater to dietary requirements. I can offer alternatives to suit most allergies.  Gluten free brownies are a speciality!  Dairy free cupcakes, mallow pops, dairy free brownies, cookies… Dairy free butter substitutes are pretty good to work with!
Laura:  My supplies have a full range of dairy free sweets also

Who inspires you?

Laura:  AMY ATLAS!
Melissa:  That’s easy isn’t it – Amy Atlas!
Who is Amy Atlas & why she is such an inspiration?
Melissa:  Amy Atlas is a stylist.  She creates amazing tables. She pretty much put them on the map.
Laura:  The standard of her work is extremely high, and this is the level of decorative attention we also offer…
Did you find Amy Atlas before you found each other?
Melissa:  Yes- we both admired her- it was one of the things that indicated we were on the same page when we met

If you could create a dessert buffet for anyone in the world (alive or not) who would it be and what would you create?

Laura:  I’d would have loved to have created one for Michael Jackson, can you imagine how outrageous it would be
Melissa:  Marie Antoinette. Decadent, opulent pastels and golds. Macarons, tiny pastries, a ruffled cake….
Laura:  See… we both have gone for total opposites.. but still work so well together!!
Melissa:  We both get completely on board with the other’s concepts!
What is your favourite treat from a dessert buffet?
Melissa:  Ohhh that’s tough. I do love a milk bottle. Or a macaron!
Laura:  My favourite is ‘Silver Hearts’.. no one thinks they are sweets, then they try them and realises they are filled with chocolate.. or Baileys Cupcakes!
I’m getting hungry now – just had a yoghurt… not quite the same!  What are your plans for the future?
Melissa:  To turn every party into something perfectly beautiful
Melissa:  Thanks!
You two are hilarious!  OK a couple of quick fire questions… 
What is your favourite colour?
Melissa:  Pink
Laura:  Pastel Green
If you could be any dessert in the world what would you be?
Melissa:  Creme brûlée
Laura:  Creme Brulee.. Hard Shelll… Soft Centre
Melissa:  No way!!!!!!!!
Laura:  Thats tooo spooky
White or Milk Chocolate?
Melissa:  Milk
Laura:  White
What do you hope to find in your stocking this year?
Melissa:  Cox and Cox typographic cookie cutters!
Laura:  Marc Jacobs handbag and some new uggs
Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
Laura:  Real… although I hope my daughter doesn’t try and eat it
Melissa:  Real!!! Three of them! One massive, two table top.
What do you leave for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Melissa:  Mince pie, brandy and a carrot for the reindeer
Laura:  Same. Also.. I’ll leave glitter tiny foot prints this year.. for the fairies that have been.
Melissa:  Oh and ill be scattering some of Laura’s reindeer food to show them where to land!
& finally What is the most magical thing about Christmas?
Laura:  Being with loved one
Melissa:  I just love being with my family and being a kid!  I’m a Christmas nut.
These ‘Blondies’ were insanely tasty!
Thank you ladies not only for a hilarious interview but the two absolutely stunning Sweet Dessert Tables that you have created at two of my events.  I cannot thank you enough and look forward to some more treats soon…  Sue xx

If you have been lucky enough to sample these ladies beautiful work please leave them a comment below.


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