6 Gorgeous ‘Finds for Christmas’ from Without A Hitch…

Guest Post:  Without A Hitch

Hi Ice the Cake readers and welcome to the first of many blog posts that I hope to be sharing with you.  My name is Vicky Gordon and I run Without A Hitch a Wedding and Events company.
Sue kindly asked a few weeks ago if I would like to share some of my ‘little finds’ with you, and as I am a caring sharing kind of person I thought – why not. As we are heading towards Christmas I thought that my first post should include some lovely inspiration for decorations and cute food ideas for entertaining. So without further a do lets take a look at some lovely decorations….
This is such a beautiful idea from Shabby Fufuand a lovely project to keep the kids busy for 5 minutes! Collect pinecones and paint in whatever colour you like, allow to dry over night and then add some glitter. Pile them nice and high for a centrepiece or use them around the Christmas table as place settings.

Another Shabby Fufu find is these lovely silver bottles and jars. Paint any old jam jar or empty wine bottle and add candles to create a lovely wintery atmosphere.

Or how about this lovely candle idea from Inspire MeHeather. Add some holly and berrys to a jar with water and pop a floating candle on top, simple but effective.

I think my favorite Christmassy decoration has to be this lovely wintery scene created in an apothecary jar by My Romantic Home. Such a cute idea, I feel like I want to go out and buy some fake snow now.

Now onto some mega cute food ideas…
Not to be outdone on the cuteness factor these ‘mini plants’ are in fact mini chocolate puddings! It messes with your head right? Your eyes say plant but your nose would say chocolate. Lovely idea from I Heart Baking.

Finally we have mini milkshake shooters from Hey Gorgvia Pizzazzerie. This is a great idea, creating lovely cute milkshakes for grown ups, you could even add some alcohol to make a milkshake cocktail for your party, adding any extra embellishments you like.

So there you have it, some lovely inspiration to add that extra bit of colour and sparkle to your Christmas celebrations. I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. You can check out my profile over on Ice The Cake, or take a look at our facebook page for daily inspirational finds…
Until next time here’s hoping all your Christmas plans go Without A Hitch.

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