3 Stunning Wedding Dresses – which one is your favourite?

Have you chosen your wedding dress yet?  Maybe it was the first one you tried on, or maybe like me, you’ve visited many boutiques and tried on hundreds of designs.

When you are first looking for the dress that is perfect for you, where do you start?  Browsing through magazines or looking on the internet is great for seeing the latest trends, but it’s not until you actually try the dresses on that the magic begins to happen.  When you arrive at a boutique the rails will be full of beautiful designs but many of them become even more stunning when they are actually being worn.

There are so many fantastic designers around and the choice can be a little overwhelming.  Sometimes its easier to decide what you don’t want than what you do.  For example I knew I didn’t want white or ivory… (which was a good job considering all the snow we had on our wedding day!).  It meant that even if I liked a design it was immediately vetoed if it didn’t come in a colour.  My Maid of Honour was brutally fabulous – she spent the whole time focusing on the back of my dress – after all when you are saying your vows this is the part of you everyone is looking at.  So whilst I would be looking at the front in the mirror, she’d be looking at the back saying ‘Oooh that’s pretty’ or I don’t really like the back because of XYZ.  We worked really well as a team and when I tried on ‘the one’ we both fell in love 🙂

Today we start our dress search at Bicester Bridal in Oxfordshire where we asked the owner Maddy to choose her favourite 3 designs.  My personal preference number two is as I love that you can create two looks in one… which is yours?

Sue xx


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