5 Tops Wedding Trends for 2013

ImageHere at Without A Hitch towers we have been looking at some of the hot wedding trends for 2013, so we thought it only right to share five of these with you. First up is Glitter and LOTS of it. You can’t go wrong with glitter as your wedding theme, there is no such thing as TOO MUCH GLITTER. Have glitter on your table cloths, for your bridesmaids dresses (and even yours too). Add edible glitter to your wedding cake, have it on stationery and for your photo-booth, you can really add glitter to just about anything. Just be careful not to mix too many colours, silver is beautiful, gold can look a little tacky so choose wisely.

ImageLaser cut or fretwork design is looking to be in big time this year. I love the structure of this look, with clear patterns and lines that draw your eyes in, much like another hot look for this year – the Chevron.

ImageBoth chevron and laser cut designs are very graphical in nature and I expect to see people adopting more of these graphical concepts throughout this year and into next. They are very grown up, sophisticated and also give an air of control.

ImageThe flip side of that is Boho-Chic. A very laid back and relaxed look, using local wild flowers, old jars and bottles as vases, with an often eclectic mix of colours and styles but somehow coming together with that over all feel of homemade goodness.

ImageIf your a guest at a wedding this year look forward to some great entertainment. Unique reception ideas are making there mark – from fun casinos to giant outdoor board games and living tables, be prepared for the unexpected!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding then pop along to The Wedding Sanctuary on 3rd March at RSA House. Arranged by UKAWP its a great chance to meet industry experts who can answer any questions you may have, see our inspiration area and get helpful advice from hair and make-up stylists. There is even a special area for the grooms!

Image sources: Wedding Bells, Without A Hitch, Half Baked: The Cake Blog, Yolan CrisPier Fun Casinos,

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