10 Inspiring Bridal Make Up Looks – One Make Up Artist

A couple of weeks ago I asked Joyce Connor, awesome Make Up Artist (MUA) and owner of Brides & Beauty, to collate some of her favourite looks to share with you.  Joyce is an exceptional MUA with many years experience and an extensively versatile portfolio.

When booking a Make Up Artist for your wedding it’s important to know you are in safe hands.  The photos of you on your big day are going to be ones you treasure forever and will mainly be of your lovely laughing (sometimes teary) face.  It’s important to know you will look radiant from morning until well… morning!  No panda eyes halfway through the day from streaming mascara, no blotchy red patches when you get nervous.  Regardless of whether you are going for a natural or red carpet look, ask to see your Make Up Artist’s portfolio at your initial consultation and make sure you are confident that they have experience in creating the overall look you desire.

Here are 10 of the best Bridal Make Up looks with Joyce’s hints on how to recreate them to get you started…

Sultry Smokey Eyes

A very dramatic Bridal Make Up look. Suitable for most face shapes and skin tones. Better for late afternoon and evening ceremony’s. Wear this make up look with a natural lip colour.

Smokey Eye Bridal Make Up
Image Carey Sheffield

Serene English Rose

Soft pastel eyeshadow with a pink frosted lip. This make up look is great for pale skins and brides that want a fresh flawless look. Mature brides can wear this look too.

English Rose Bridal Make Up

Image Naomi Kenton

Perfectly Vintage

Heavy brows, with black eyeliner and false lashes. The hair styling completes the look. A mid tone pink or red lip can be worn with this bridal make up look.

Vintage Bridal make up

Image Alexis Jaworski

Gorgeous Glamour

For the bride that loves to have the red carpet look. Shocking pink glossy lips with highlighted brow and false lashes. Bronzed make up completes this make up look.

Glamourous Bridal Make Up

Image Alexis Jaworski

Beautifully Bold

Smokey eyes with a dark lip. This make up look is great for brides with darker hair colours.  It’s a bold look so won’t suit everyone. Great for autumn/winter brides

smokey eyes and dark lip bridal make up

Image David Bostock

Sensational Asian Bride

Statement eyes and lips. Strong colours can be worn on olive toned and darker skins. Deep eye sockets are great for creating this style of make up look.

Asian Bridal Make Up

Image FO Photography

Natural Beauty

Nude make up with a bold hairstyle. For the bride that wants to rock a short hairstyle but have a flawless look. Ramp it up with some false lashes.

nude bridal make up

Image Naomi Kenton

Vintage Gothic

For the bride that wants to be very different. This make up look if for someone that doesn’t want anything traditional about her wedding. Wear top and bottom lashes to get the look with a bright red lip.

vintage gothic bridal make up

Image Kat Forsyth

Modern Fashion

This make up look is for brides that like high fashion. Matt baby pink lips and lots of lashes. Strong blusher colours too.

modern fashion bridal make up

Image Fiona Kelly Photography

Radiant Cheeks

Natural make up with rouge blusher to give the cheekbones a lift. This look is all about flawless bridal skin.

natural bridal make up

Which style will you be choosing for your Big Day? xx

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