5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Bridal Hairstylist

Guest Post from Kate West, Kate West Mobile Hairstyling

Having got engaged last year myself, for me as a hair stylist, I instantly knew who I was going to ask to do my wedding hair – the one lady I trust with my life and also more importantly my hair.

I’ve devised a list of things you may want to think about when picking your own bridal hairstylist that may help you find ‘the one’ for you.

1) Do they like doing bridal hair and hair up?

It may sound a fairly odd question but it actually is very important. Hair up is not something that some stylists actually like doing and they can find it nerve wracking or even a little daunting.

Bridal Hair Up with Fringe

2) Does your potential stylist have a passion for it?

Hair up and bridal styling especially is a very creative task. It may be adapting a style to cover or accentuating a facial feature, working with shorter layers or picking a style, which truly compliments your day or theme. The most important thing is to find somebody who is as passionate about your wedding…as you.

3) Can you see examples of their previous bridal hairstyling?

It’s always nice to be able to see previous hair ups done by your intended stylist, this way you can see what sort of designs they have previously done and how far their creative ability stretches. It also gives you an opportunity to see if there is any styles they have done before which you would like for your own day.

Bridal Hair Up with pleat twist

4) Do you like the stylist?

It’s important that a stylist you have for your wedding day can accept criticism on their work and style your hair in the way you want and not in a way they ‘feel’ is right for you. Your bridal hairstylist is one who you need to have an open and honest relationship with and after all it is YOUR wedding day. Make sure you can freely chat with them and they fully understand where you are going with your wedding day and theme. Pinterest and mood boards are great ways to show what you do and don’t like.

Bridal Hair Up plaits and diamonte

5) Do you want a separate make up artist or a hairstylist who also does make up?

It’s not one that people necessary think of but is very important. Some stylists will have done make up first and then qualified in bridal hair styling by doing short courses and therefore can offer both services.

Personally I like having two people separately come as it means if one does let you down you are not without both hair and makeup. It’s vital for you to ask when, how and where they qualified and also for you to decide how qualified you want your hair stylist to be.

Kate West Mobile Hairstyling offers bridal hairstyling throughout the whole of Berkshire.

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