Product of the Day – Fingerprint Tree

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional guest book to remember your wedding day by? Then this Fingerprint Tree from Big Furry Cat may be just what you need! A 40cm x 30cm canvas in your chosen colour, features a hand-painted tree with gold or silver details. Your guests are then invited to leave their fingerprints and sign their names, leaving you with a beautiful momento of your wedding day.

Handpainted Fingerprint Trees on canvas 40cm x 30cm

Your names and the date of your wedding are embossed onto the canvas in either gold, silver or black and your delivery comes complete with two different coloured ink pads (of your choice), an instruction card for your guests, and a packet of wet wipes. This 40cm x 30cm version is £45.90 including delivery, but a 50cm x 50cm, a 60cm x 46cm and a 60cm x 60cm version are also available, depending on the number of guests attending your special day.

We’ve even got one at ITC HQ for all our lovely members to showcase our ever growing family!

Get yours now!



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