7 Gorgeous Floral Dresses Perfect for a Spring Celebration

Guest Post from Lorna, Owner of You & Your Style

Spring and Summer Bring a Pop of Colour

When I think of spring and summer, it’s not just one or two colours that pop into my mind, so why stick to just one accent colour for your wedding when the scene is perfectly set for you to include as many as you like? A mesmerising display of the most vivid tones fill our gardens, parks and meadows and my advice is to take inspiration from them, as nature is a very knowledgeable stylist when it comes to colour!

Remember those springtime landscapes filled with the vivid yellow of oil seed rape fields contrasting against bright blue skies? Can you picture a summer cottage garden in full bloom with sweet peas, lavender, peonies, roses, daisies, foxgloves and stock? These are natures colour palettes sitting ready-made for you to copy into your wedding theme!

Here are some examples of the sweetest floral bridesmaid dresses from the high street inspired by nature, paired with complimentary bouquets for you.

This Jewels dress by Phase Eight is £110 The bouquet is made up of so many bright colours which then mirror the gorgeous pattern in the dress. This look would work incredibly well with the groom and groomsmen dressed in black tuxedos and white shirts!


This pretty Flora dress is by Phase Eight is £130. The wild bouquet that includes daisies enhances its soft meadow flower feel. The bouquet includes a wide variety of flower sizes and textures just the way the dress pattern does.


Red and pink are traditionally very much colours of love! The fact they are intermixed here with white means they’ll pair nicely alongside your bridal dress if it is white. The bouquet is fun and playful like the dress, reflecting the print perfectly. This beautiful Geranium Phase Eight dress is £130  Replace the belt with something less bulky such as a plain red, pink or white slim belt to make the overall effect sleeker.


Bring a strong feminine feel with this contrast combination of pinks and blue, this Butterfly dress is by Kaliko and costs £120  The pink embroidery is brought out and exaggerated so beautifully by the simple very summery bouquet.


This Phase Eight dress brings a smart, sleek tailored edge to a floral theme and costs £130.  Imagine this combination with your groom and groomsmen in black suits and a hint of either soft pink, white or soft purple amongst the shirts, ties or accessories


For a soft romantic retro feel pick pastel florals such as this soft lime Rococo dress by Hobbs for £299. This would look superb styled with a 60’s twist, feline cats eye make up and soft beehive hair.


If you prefer less on the colour side but still crave the florals, you can bring texture into your big day by opting for monochrome floral bridesmaid dresses such as this dress by Alexon at £125.

I hope these pictures have opened your imagination to some new possibilities for your wedding day palette! Do get in touch if you have any questions and I ‘d love to hear about your own colour and pattern plans.

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