James & Sarah’s Gorgeous Alice in Wonderland Inspired Wedding

I absolutely adore this real wedding.  Today James shares the romance behind their special day.

How did you two meet? 

(J) We have grown up as friends when we were kids but lost touch up until 6 and a half years ago when we met in a bar in our local town & you could say it was love at first sight from that moment on.

Who proposed to who?

(J) I proposed to Sarah on holiday in the Costa Del Sol 2 years ago.

How did you propose?

(J) I asked Sarah to think of a card which I would guess within the first five cards that I revealed. When I got to the fifth card Sarah’s card still hadn’t shown up so she thought that I had blown the trick, but when I asked her to look closely at the fifth card she saw that it read “Will you marry me?” on it. Luckily she said “Yes”, and I had definitely surprised her

What made you choose your venue & the date?

(J) We got married in the same church as Sarah’s mum and Dad and on the same date, so it was a special day for all of us.

How did you choose your dress?

(S) I was told to only try on no more than 10 dresses but I loved it so much I probably tried on over 50. As soon as I saw this dress I new it was the one. I had my mum and maid of honour to help and they also loved the dress as soon as I tried it on.

Where did the inspiration for your Alice in Wonderland theme come from?

(J) The card trick in the proposal inspired the theme.

The stationery is wonderful where did all the ideas come from?

(J) We briefed Kate, from Kate Lewis Design, on what we had in mind, e.g the theme and the styles we had in mind and she drew up some amazing concepts which were better than anything we could have imagined. They really did bring to life everything we had in mind. From the initial moodboards Kate drew up we picked our favourite ideas and Kate designed and made all our stationery from save the dates, to invitations (which had lots of pages – even a tear-off RSVP section!) to the matching ‘on the day’ bits. We had lots of great comments from our guests about the stationery.

How many Bridesmaids did you have and what did they wear?

(S) I had 4 bridesmaids (including my maid of honour) The Bridesmaids wore silver dresses with a  hot pink Bow by Dessy

Describe the week before – were you organised, rushing around, emotional, etc…?

(J) We were all of these things and more. We don’t usually argue but we were snapping at each other over little things, we were very organised but the last week gets everything finalised I don’t think it matters how organised you are the last week is always going to be the busiest as you have to make it happen. It was made easier by the fact we had hired people who we trusted would do the best job and make our lives easier on the day & everyone really did live up to this.

How did you spend the night before the wedding?

(J) I spent the night at our house and I had my best man and ushers stay so we were all together for the morning. Sarah stayed at her Mum and Dad’s house.

What did you have for breakfast on the morning of the wedding?

(J) Me and the groomsmen went to my Mum and Dads and Sarah and her bridesmaids were at her Mum and Dad’s.

Describe the build up to the ceremony – what was happening, how were you feeling?

(J) I was incredibly calm considering I’d spent the last few months worrying, however the nerves did kick in once people started to arrive and the church was filling up. You have to enjoy yourselves on the wedding day there are no time for nerves. You simply have to look back at how much work, time, effort and money you have both put into the day.

What music did you walk down to?

(J) The traditional bridal march

How did you decorate the venue?

(J) With horse shoes which we had spray painted white and wrapped pink and silver ribbon around. The were placed on the pew ends. We also had Flowers in the church which we let them keep after the service. At our reception venue we had white chair covers and white table cloths and then decorated the tables with pink gerberas, candles, scatter crystals and the sparkly stationery from Kate Lewis Design.

We noticed you named your tables rather than numbering them what were all the tables called & which one did you sit at?

(J) We sat on the table which we called Alice. All the other tables were character names from Alice in wonderland e.g Mad Hatters, Cheshire cat, Blue caterpillar, Queen of hearts, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, March Hare, The door mouse

Wonderful idea for Favours ‘Eat Me’ but what was in the box?

(J) We had put in toffee and strawberry flavoured bonbons.

Tell us about the speeches! 

Considering the amount of nervous which the speeches created they all went brilliantly.  Starting with Sarah’s dad who was probably the most nervous out of all of us he did a great job breaking the ice with everyone, followed by myself who had the job of thanking everyone and then my best man who I think I was counselling him for the last year trying to keep his nerves at bay, however he did a cracking job just the right amount of jokes and nice comments to get a good round of applause from all.

Your cake was wonderful where did the inspiration come from and who made it?

(J) We actually saw a cake like this on the internet and we both loved how different it was. We then had the challenge of finding someone to make it, which was harder than you think. We had many high street cake makers turn us down because they thought it was too complicated.

What did you choose as your first dance & why?

(J) We chose the song “Grow old with me” which is featured on the film “The Wedding singer” featuring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. We just loved the song and more importantly it is only 1 minute and 20 seconds ;).

How did you party the night away?

(J) We had a band called Groovy Revolution come and play 2 sets for us then in between we had a buffet for everyone. The band were great as they stayed much longer than they should have and we partied well in to the night.

Where did you go on Honeymoon?

(J) We went to Orlando for 8 nights and we did all the theme parks like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Bush Gardens, Aquatica, Sea world,Universal Studios and American Adventure then we went to Mexico Cancun for a week to chill out.

What is your best memory of the day?

(J) Seeing how beautiful my bride looked. I’m a lucky boy! I also really enjoyed the horse and carriage ride from the Church to the Stanneylands hotel where we had the reception. It was a really nice experience and it was nice to have a time out together after the intensity of the service and all the photos after. I also think we were blessed with the weather on the day as it was so sunny we got some great photos and the fact it rained for the rest of the weekend shows how lucky we were that day.

 Thank you James & Sarah for sharing details of your special day with us.  We wish you lots of happiness for the future.

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