10 Easy Steps to creating Beautiful Sugar Paste Roses

Today it is my absolute pleasure to bring you this exceptional tutorial from Lydia, owner of Sugar & Lace Cake Company.  I love how talented Lydia is.  Every time I see one of her new incredible creations I am left completely inspired.  Given that her company isn’t even a year old yet I predict awesome things for her in the future but for today she has put together this beautiful ‘How To’ Demo – it’s over to Lydia…

Quite often I’m asked how to make a Sugar paste rose and after doing a demo at the recent Wedding Show at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Sue Page from Ice the cake asked if I could do a tutorial for all you lovelies to try.

This style of Rose is super easy to make and looks really pretty on a lovely swirl of buttercream.

Ok so lets get started …..

What you will need:

  1. Knife
  2. Ball of kneaded sugar paste
  3. A4 plastic document holder with the end and side cut open
  4. Work board

demo 12

Step One

Roll the ball of kneaded sugar paste into a sausage, the thickness will define the size of your rose. So smaller will make a small rose and larger will make a big rose!

demo 11

Step Two

Once you have rolled it out make sure the seam is in contact with the work board, cut off the excess so you have a nice clean edge, to start with and now cut 6 discs from the sausage each of which should be about 3 – 4 mm in thickness.

demo 10

Step Three

Open the plastic document holder and lay the 6 discs down with the straight edge facing you and round edge away. Place the cover back over the discs. With the base of your hand, gently and quickly press each disc just once too flatten them slightly. But not too hard as you don’t want the paste to stick to the plastic

demo 9

Step Four

Then with your thumb, run around the curved edge of each petal from one side to the other but not touching the base. This will thin the petal out and give it shape. Don’t be tempted to push the petal, run your thumb half on the petal and half on the plastic so it is thinning it out but not tearing the edge.

demo 8

Step Five

Now gently lift up the plastic and look for the smallest petal. Using your thumb, gently rub the petal, starting from the thick, chunky base to release from the plastic. As you rub it naturally puts a curl in the petal so always remember to turn the curl over so the curl is working away from you.

demo 1

Step Six

Now with the first petal curl from one side to the other, creating the centre of your rose

demo 2

Step Seven

Take your next petal and place it, on the seam of the central petal. As you secure that petal all the way round, you will see the top of it is higher than the central petal.  Gently flatten it down with your fingers and then lift it in the centre and give it a little pinch to make a petal shape.

demo 3

Step Eight

Repeat with the third petal, laying it on the seam of the second petal, half way along and half way down. As you place that petal all the way round, gently push the third petal down with your fingers and then lift it in the centre and give it a little pinch as before.

demo 7

 Step Nine

The final 3 petals form the outer layer of the rose. Lay, pinch and shape them it the same way so each covers one third of the outer layer of the rose.

demo 4

 Step Ten

Roll the base of the Rose in your fingers. Then using the knife, slice the chunky base off the bottom of the rose and set aside to firm for a few hours.

demo 5

Roses can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 months.

Hope you have fun making your simple Sugar paste Rose!!

demo 6


One thought on “10 Easy Steps to creating Beautiful Sugar Paste Roses

  1. Thank You so much! I followed your steps and it really works! I was amazed by the roses though I am not gifted at all in any art. Thanks again! Eniko

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