Wedding Stationery – DIY or Buy? Which is Right For You?

Confused by Wedding Stationery?  Not sure where to start?  Wondering whether to make your own?  Today Kate Lewis (from Kate Lewis Design) is here to help answer your questions…

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To DIY or to BUY?

If you are enthusiastic and creative you may consider making your own stationery.  If this is something you’ve been thinking, may I offer a tiny piece of advice?  Do a trial run: make at least 5, time yourself and add up the total cost of each… don’t forget to multiply that time & cost by the number of invitations you will need.  This way you’ll have a more realistic idea to base your decision on.

What will I need for my wedding?
If the list of various types wedding stationery leaves you feeling the fear, let me briefly run-through the basics to start you off:

Nice but not necessary for every couple. Good if you want to warn your guests early on so they can organise booking time off work.

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A definite must. Consider cost, design and practicality when choosing your invitations. Ultimately you need to let your guests know where and when your fabulous big day is, but this is your chance to set the tone of your wedding!

  • Cost: maybe choose a basic printed postcard or card and perhaps add ribbon or sparkle yourself.
  • Design: customise your design to match to your colours or personalise with your names/ initials or date.
  • Practicality: see if you can include information within your invitation. All my invitations can be ‘upgraded’ to include extra inserts making it like a mini booklet with a perforated RSVP and pre-printed envelope, directions and wedding information.
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On-The-Day Stationery

  • Order of service/ ceremony – a lovely memento of the day for your guests and usually necessary for a church wedding.
  • Table Plan – fairly necessary. Traditional boards can be clumsy and costly so maybe consider other options such as seating cards or escort cards.
  • Place cards – necessary if having a table plan. Can be printed or hand written.
  • Table number/ names – necessary if having a table plan.
  • Menus – most venues will provide their own menu but it is nice to have your own matching ones.
  • Favour Tags – a nice touch to thank your guests for sharing your special day.
kate lewis design applique cake (3)
Thank you cards
Another definite must! Maybe include a little photo of you from the wedding.

Still worried?

Speak to a stationery designer – most will be happy to offer their expertise and advice, I certainly would.

Love from Kate x

Article Courtesy of Kate Lewis, Designer – Kate Lewis Design



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