5 Top Budget Savvy Tips to Consider When Choosing your Wedding Cake

Today we are delighted to share 5 top industry secrets from Wedding Cake Expert Shelly Shulman, owner of Cakes by Shelly.  If you have fallen in love with your dream cake but your budget is tight, here are some top tips to help you save a penny or two!  It’s over to Shelly…

simply petal

Guest Post – Cakes by Shelly

Your wedding cake is one of the main focal points of your wedding day so you obviously want it to be impressive but this doesn’t always have to mean expensive. There are many ways you can have a spectacular cake on a shoe string.

1. Have a fake cake!
Many cake designers now offer the option of having dummy tiers within your cake. Made with polystyrene dummies rather than real cake, once iced your guests will never know the difference and this allows you to have a beautifsimply bows from £180ul multi tiered cake at a fraction of the cost.

2. Consider cutting cakes!
You may need 5 tiers of cakes to feed all your guests but to reduce costs consider having a 3 tier cake on display and having cutting cakes kept in the kitchen to provide the rest of the portions.

3. Serve your cake as dessert!
If your venue allows you, serve your wedding cake as your dessert. By combining your dessert and cake budget you’ll find you have a little extra to spend on a beautiful cake and will possibly even have some money left over for other wedding extras.

4. Consider your decoration!
Some cake designers do charge extra for decoration such as sugar flowers or intricate pipework so opt for a wedding cake trimmed with a ribbon and dressed with a couple of fresh flowers. Simple designs look effortlessly stunning but do be sure to check out the quality of your cake makers work. A plain iced cake is amazing when perfectly iced – lumps, bumps and cracks aren’t really the look you want.

simply butterflies5. Supermarket chic!
Many cake designers now offer a selection of wedding cakes that match the prices of supermarket options. These are a great way to have a beautiful cake on a budget. Your choice may be a little limited but you are guaranteed a gorgeous handmade wedding cake made by the experts!

simply hearts from £180

Most importantly… at your consultation explain your budget to you cake designer.  They will be able to guide you in the right direction. They are there to help you and make the process of choosing your wedding cake (& eating it!) a happy one!

Images are of Cakes By Shelly’s ‘Simply Shelly‘ Range.  Prices start from just £200 for a 3 Tier Cake!  Pop over now and take a look. xx

2 thoughts on “5 Top Budget Savvy Tips to Consider When Choosing your Wedding Cake

  1. I do not agree with the cost saving comment regarding dummy cakes. Its as much work and effort to make decorations and decorate a dummy cake.

    Cutting cakes on top of a decorated dummy cake will make your cake more expensive not less.

    I wish professional cake designers would stop spreading this myth as its not helping our industry.

  2. Thanks for your comment – I would like to point out I also spend as much time on dummy cakes as I do real ones. The point is rather than them paying for a 5 tier cake all in cake when they only need 3 tiers of cake to serve their guests I am happy to add dummy tiers on a reduced rate as the cost 12″ dummy is much less than a 12″ fruit cake to make and I pass this on to the customer.

    In addition I have not recommended having a dummy cake plus cutting cakes. I have suggested having a three tier cake of cake and then extra cutting cakes in the kitchen should they require more portions as this would be considerably cheaper than a 5 tier decorated cake.

    I am sorry you feel that they are myths – All companies work different ways and as long as the bride is happy and has received a great service that is all that matters x x x x

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