Gem of the Week – Top Wedding Flower Advice from Forever Green Florists

Here at Ice the Cake we are always so happy to introduce new suppliers to our family. Today we are introducing to you Forever Green Florists who are a lovely family run business. There team is made up of Sara and Emma (senior florists and sisters in law!), Jamie (deliveries and Sara’s husband), Dad (deliveries and deputy head of security), Jess (junior florist), Becky (our apprentice) and Hyatt (puppy, head of security, and local celebrity!)…

When did you start enjoying floristry? and what made you go into the wedding industry?

Sara: My grandfather has quite the green thumb so even as a child I would love picking his flowers (grandchildren can get away with this) and arranging them throughout the house. I was lucky to work and be trained at a young age. Floristry, especially when we get to do something different or a challenge, is always my favourite!

Emma: I used to work at a Japanese University in Durham, but felt that my creative side didn’t fulfill its potential. I gradually got an interest in floristry while there, so did some work experience in a local florist I then had the amazing opportunity to learn some further skills at a flower shop in a prefecture just outside Tokyo; what an opportunity! On my return, I settled in Bournemouth with my sister in law Sara at Forever Green. It was a match made in heaven and I just love it!!

Your team is family orientated, do you find that this attracts more than just wedding couples, but brings them back as their own family expands?

It is interesting to see our customers going through different stages of their life. Our wedding couples often come back on Valentine’s day and for anniversaries, and there are a few who have now got children and it’s just wonderful to see! From bridal bouquet to baby bouquet!

Cream and White Flower Candelabra Centrepiece

How long have you been a wedding florist?

Forever Green has been on the scene for over 30 years and we have owned the shop for the past 2 and a half. Both Emma and I have experience dating back a number of years prior to this in the wedding industry, and that’s why we continue in it, we just love everything it entails.

Do you have a favourite flower?

Sara: Sunflowers are my all time favorite! Add some golden rod and it brings light on dreary rainy days to any occasion!

Emma: I love purple tip lissianthus. It looks like someone has delicately dipped the head into a pot of cadbury’s purple paint, and it’s amazing how beautiful nature has evolved to be. I would love a bouquet to include these and lilac roses, they’re so luscious they make you fall in love just looking at them!! Topped with the softness of gypsophilia and maybe some scented freesia’s, it would be scrummy!! We recently had a bride who had a purple, lilac, pink and white shower bouquet which I personally adored! The vibrancy of the colours really appealed to me, and it was the bride, Michelle’s, favourite colour too!

Sunflower Bouquet Idea

Beautiful pinks lilacs and purple shower wedding bouquet

Do you have any hints/tips of how brides can make the most of their reception with flowers?

Using the same arrangement in different locations! The head table flowers on the signing table for instance. Put a pedestal arrangement in the church and then in the entrance to your hotel, or going up the stairs with a sign leading your guests to the right room or in the reception room itself! With larger spaces consider filling the space up top and lower down. Candelabras are an increasingly popular option for example, with flowers or petals around the bottom to add interest to the table. Our bride Lauren applied this technique at her wedding.

Beautiful white and green centrepiece

With weddings happening all seasons, do you have any good tips on how brides should create the perfect ‘Summer’ bouquet?

Choose colours and a few favourite flowers then leave it to the experts! If you don’t mind what flowers you get or only have a few to request then the florist can source the best in season and you will get more for your money! The country summer look is popular right now and you can best achieve this by using a variety of flowers either in one, two or three shades. Think about accessorizing your bouquet for that colourful, natural and summery feel. Add a butterfly or a hint of sparkle to capture the essence of a summer’s day.

Thank you Sara and Emma. If you would like to know more about Forever Green Florists and their contact details click here.


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