This Weeks Gem of the Week has a Famous Brother…

We are absolutely delighted to introduce Louie Donovon Photography.  Louie is absolutely lovely.  Her manner is friendly and will make you feel instantly at ease.   Her style is unobtrusive and the results are fresh natural photo’s.  Together with her husband, Andy as her second shooter, they are  both there to help your days photography run beautifully…

Wedding Couple Cathedral Length Veil

How long have you been in to photography?
Since I was a child really, I was fascinated with one of my Mum’s photo’s from her wedding to my Step Father, (I was about  9) someone took a picture in natural light and I remember looking at it and wondering how they got such a natural beautiful photo. I’ve always loved looking at photo’s in magazines and would wonder, how do they do that? It was in sixth form I started to learn about cameras and photography and I saved up and bought myself my first SLR.  I lived in the country and there wasn’t a lot to do, so i would go out and take self portraits and would experiment with exposures and filters.
White wedding dress sweetheart neckline
How long have you been a professional Wedding Photographer?
My first Wedding I photographed was ten years ago although my photography business has been going slightly longer.
Emotional Wedding Photograph
You studied Fine Art and bring this into your photography, can you explain more about this style of photography for our readers?
I still think of myself as an artist, the difference is I paint with light now!  As a photographer and an artist you ‘see’ the light, but as photographer you can also create light where you want it, I love that!   I always wanted my photo’s to look like a painting, like a piece of art that you might want to hang on your wall. Although I like the photo’s to look natural, I still like to tweak the posing and the light, but it still has to look natural and relaxed not too posed.  Editing the photo’s is also key to the final look.
Wedding couple photo on steps
Do you have any photographers that you aspire to be like?
Absolutely! I love an American photographer called Jazmine Star, her style is very natural and she uses light to its advantage, I also love David Becksted for his posing. Jerry Ghionis for his Epic pictures, I do also like the work of photographers who live and work near to me, there’s quite a few and they are my friends too.
Married couple sitting on stairs
Outside of wedding photography, do you work on any other projects?
Yes, every other year I photograph a huge dance show for JAM2000 Performing Arts in Ruislip, they put on a big theatre production every other year, it’s a big project and one I love as you feel like part of a family, the photos are amazing as the performers are incredible.  I also undertake portraits and baby shoots.  I also take actors and performers head shots.  A couple of times a year i like to do a shoot for myself, I ask someone to model for me and we go out for the day and have a fun shoot on location somewhere, this is often with past Brides.
Kissing Married Couple Bride in Red Wedding Dress
You work alongside your husband with your wedding business, do you both share the editing when you get home?
No, I do all the editing, my husband only helps me at the weekend as he has a job during the week, he loves helping at the weekend though as it means we get to see each other and he loves taking photo’s and seeing people’s weddings and the love they have for each other. He does help with more of the business side of things though, especially anything to do with numbers!  In the future this may change as my daughter (who is well into her teens now) gets older and becomes more and more interested in my work and how I get to the final image.
Lacing up your wedding dress
Secret Fact:
Louie’s brother is Nathan Moore – lead singer of 80’s Pop Sensation Brother Beyond! (Yes it’s safe to say a squeal of excitement went round ITC HQ when we found out… & not just from the girls… it turns out it was the first album Mr ITC ever bought!)
Beautiful kissing couple
If you would like more information about Louie click here for her contact details.

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