Gem of the Week – Bridal Make Up Tips from Juliet Cunnington

We are delighted to welcome Juliet Cunnington – Bridal Makeup Artist to the Ice the Cake family.  This week we are looking at Makeup and Skincare so we have asked Juliet to bare all for us. Her extensive experience means that she is an expert in her field and can create looks to make you feel ‘a million dollars’.  Her incredible skills ensure that the make-up feels weightless, lasts all day and looks incredible on camera.

Do you have any tips on how to get the best skin before the brides wedding day?

I know it’s a cliché but drink lots of water and moisturise, as smooth, hydrated skin, makes makeup application easier. Pay particular attention to the eye area, the thinnest piece of skin on the body, and use an eye gel in the morning and an eye cream at night.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting a spa or beauty salon the week before your wedding please don’t be tempted to have a facial as this can draw out impurities and you may end up with spots on your wedding day!

Blonde Hair Blue Eye Bridal Makeup

Do you have any ‘best buys’ for beauty products?

I have a lot of high-end brands in my kit but I’ve always sworn by Max Factor Mascara’s as they’re the best I’ve tried. I currently use Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara on all my brides. It’s completely waterproof but feels weightless and is fibre-free so it’s great for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

I also LOVE Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliners (I have all the colours in my kit). These are completely waterproof, you could even swim in them, so they’re perfect for brides and mother of brides who may bet emotional!

Blonde Hair Geen Eye Bridal Makeup

What is your favourite part of being a wedding make up artist?

I love meeting people (as I find talking to new people fascinating) and I love being part of their special day and making them feel the most beautiful they’ve ever felt. I’ve worked on over 900 brides and they’ve all been different!

You have worked with many brides, most must get anxious /nervous on their wedding day.  Do you have any tips for them on how to keep calm?

My top tip when working with an anxious bride is to talk about anything other than their wedding. Having a good old gossip and a laugh soon calms their nerves!

Why is a professional make up artist better than a bride’s friend?

A professional makeup artist will be trained in photographic makeup so will know how to make you look amazing on camera but also amazing in the flesh. There are lots of products on the market that look great in the flesh but terrible on camera!

A pro will use tricks of the trade and products that will mean your makeup will stay flawless until you remove it. My makeup kit is huge and contains over £7000 worth of makeup!

Lastly a professional makeup artist will be a calming influence on the wedding day and will not be struck down with nerves like a friend could be!

Brunette Bridal Makeup

Have you ever had a bride who wanted to look completely different to her normal look and has it always worked out for the best?

Most brides want to look like a more ‘polished’ version of themselves so they don’t look a million miles away from the norm in their photos. I had a bride recently who’s brief to me was to make her look nothing like herself. We went for a full on vintage/glamour look. She normally wore glasses but she had been secretly practising with contact lenses so she didn’t wear her glasses on the wedding day.

When her hair and makeup was done and she revealed herself to her mum and bridesmaids there were squeals of joy as they said she looked like a film star……….I was really chuffed!

Beautitful Wedding Make Up Ideas

How many trials do you usually have with brides until they get their perfect ‘look’ ?

I always have a very comprehensive chat with every bride before I start work. I ask them what makeup, if any, they normally wear. How they want to look, what their dress is like, how they’re having their hair and their colour scheme. This all gives me a very good idea of what makeup to use. This means i’m normally 100% right or there might just need to be one or two tweaks needed. I don’t normally need to do a second trial.

If the trial is in the winter and the wedding is in the summer I always re colour match the foundation in case the bride’s skin has more colour to it.

For more wonderful wedding tips why not arrange a consultation with Juliet.  Click here to find out more information.


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